Working with Sarah Jones


I have tailored my exclusive coaching packages to address a multitude of challenges that you may be facing. Regardless of what you’re struggling with, you will find something that is right for your situation.


Start working with me to regroup, reboot and reinvent your career, build your resilience, find out the special ingredients that make you ‘you’. I offer one-to-one coaching, group coaching and even emergency sessions if you have an issue which needs to be dealt with now. I am an experienced career, life and executive coach who has worked with individuals, corporate professionals and a wide variety of people to help them realise their highest potential.


If you need help or support to work out where to start, please get in touch with me today and view full details on my services below.

1-1 Coaching – Reboot in 3 Months or Reinvent in 6!

I provide 1-1 coaching to help you achieve more and navigate through change, whether in your personal or professional life.  If you feel stuck in your life or career and are struggling to find what makes you tick, then I can help you achieve clarity about your future, bust through mindset blocks and limiting beliefs, build your resilience, and create plans to transform your dreams into reality. We will work together to assess where you are, set a strategy in place, and identify the next steps you need to take.

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VIP Coaching Days – Designed With Ambitious High-Flyers In Mind For A Fast-Track Approach To Success

I host a limited number of VIP days where you and I will spend a day together, ‘deep diving’ into the specifics of your situation. This is for those of you with more complex situations that require intensive involvement, and extremely tailored solutions. Before we start, we will spend some time ensuring we are clear on your goals so I can design a bespoke day for your specific needs.

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VIP Career Reinvention Group Coaching – Learn Within A Liked-Minded Community, With Me At The Helm

I also run group coaching sessions focusing on ‘Career Reinvention’ and helping you find what you love to do. You will enjoy the benefit of learning from other like-minded, motivated individuals who are on the same journey as you. The programme consists of an exclusive VIP Facebook group, webinars, group coaching calls, exclusive content and expert advice from myself and other career experts. 

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‘Deal With It Now’ – Emergency Coaching To Deal With Things IMMEDIATELY!

Do you need immediate help to work through a current challenge? If you find that there is no time to wait, and your situation demands EMERGENCY help as soon as possible, then this is for you. There is no faster way to get your problem taken care of! Get in touch and book your emergency session to make the quick breakthroughs you desperately need and discover the solution that has so far been eluding you. Book your call now and we will spend at least 1.5 hours sorting through your pressing issue TODAY.

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Are you ready to write the next chapter of your career?

Are you ready to live up to your highest potential and do the things that most people only dream about? Then start working with me to regroup, reboot and reinvent your career, build your resilience, find out the special ingredients that make you ‘you' – then get in touch!