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We live in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. New, agile leadership skills and behaviours are required to ensure you and your organisation can face todays, and tomorrow’s challenges.

Given the many challenges we face today, including advanced technology, competition, environmental factors, societal and governance changes, as well as the pandemic that has driven hybrid and remote working on a greater scale; and given that many of us have had time to pause and consider our purpose and what matters most to us — means that future leaders will need to get the very most out of themselves and those they lead, and even step outside their comfort zone and be willing to adapt on a regular basis.

Younger generations treasure different values than previous generations –diversity, encouragement, equity, feedback, flexibility, inclusion, social and environmental contribution, transparency, and purpose – it’s not always about the salary.

My view has always been that leadership starts from the Inside Out. Without self-awareness, self-leadership, and self-mastery – you cannot hope to lead others. This is something that I learnt from earlier personal experiences, and leadership career spanning over 25 years.

Extensive experience as a leader have shown me how effective self-leadership translates to teams and organisations and helps navigate challenges including:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions, large-scale corporate changes
  • Complex environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns
  • Establishing strong team dynamics
  • Influencing and leading remotely and in a hybrid environment
  • Improving self-awareness to become a more conscious, self-aware leader
  • Accomplishing personal & professional goals to increase happiness
  • Career empowerment
  • Conflicts at work

I draw on my personal experience to help you uncover innovative solutions to your challenges:

I’ve been there as a leader, and have a personal understanding of the challenges you face:

    • Led UK, EMEA and Global in the UK, EMEA and global roles including AstraZeneca, DHL, and the NHS – leading teams in countries and remotely for many years before hybrid was a word!
    • Designed and led transformative corporate affairs and communications programmes during significant company changes including the world’s largest logistics merger and the largest-ever UK public/private outsourcing deal
    • Reached Board level by 30

I use DiSC® profiling to analyse behaviours at work to support leadership development, emotional intelligence, team dynamics, listening, attracting & build key talent.

Coaching For Organisations

I will work with you to uncover your specific challenges and design a process or programme to support your leadership. Here are some of the programmes I have successfully run in the past and can adapt for you:

  • Confidence for Female Leaders
  • Igniting Team Performance
  • Internal career development
  • Leadership Transformation

Dedicated, Retained In-House Support For Organisations

I also work as a virtual, or in-person part of your team on a retained basis for a specific number of hours, or days, on an agreed timescale or project. Contact me for more details.

For Individual Leaders /For Individuals

I can help you individually, outside of your organisation, to reach your specific goals, along the themes above, or more. Sometimes senior executives prefer to have objective, neutral support from outside their organisation, wish to discuss leadership issues in full confidence, build certain skills and mindset, or change their career path. I offer a wide range of tailormade programmes including individual sessions, immersive VIP Days, and Emergency Coaching. Contact me for more details.

Leadership Transformation Programme

Leadership Transformation Programme (LTP)

Newly-promoted managers don’t always assume their positions armed with the leadership skills they need. With this one-to-one programme, they will be able to step up as transformational leaders.
Internal Career Development

Internal Career Development (ICD)

This programme shows employees what the next steps in their career are within the organisation. This programme will encourage loyalty among high-performing people.
Confidence for Women Leaders

Confidence for Women Leaders (CWL)

Ambitious, highly talented women sometimes don’t reach their full potential because of a lack of boldness and assertiveness. We work one-to-one or in a group to develop female leaders, promote diversity in the workplace and create a culture that will attract the best future talent.
Ignite Team Performance

Ignite Team Performance (ITP)

Winning teams are the key to any organisation’s progress and performance. Once your teams go through this programme, they will operate at a higher level of productivity, efficiency and improved communication. Working with me will ensure key people adapt and stick with your organisation rather than join the competition.

DiSC® and VIA Character Strengths 

I use psychometric profiling that helps you to understand your leadership style and strengths. This can be used for your own leadership career development, but also for team development. I can provide a dashboard for organisations wishing to use DiSC so that you can see which styles each team member has. This supports effective recruitment, career development, and team building. I can also provide additional reports on benchmarking leadership characteristics, your personal listening style as a leader, and your emotional quotient, time mastery – all necessary data and attributes for today’s leaders.

Let’s get started…

I offer a complimentary, confidential 30-minute consultation with me. Just click the button to the right and we’ll schedule a time to talk.

Coaching Process

Here is an outline of the six-step process and approach I used to help you achieve the goals you need. This helps us to create a measurable plan, with the end results in mind, and a clear starting point which allows us to measure progress:

1. Analyse

2. Plan

3. Prioritise

4. Execute

5. Adjust

6. Follow Up

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