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Women in Leadership – 5 Leadership Challenges that are Internal

Being a part of the growing number of women in leadership can be tough on a number of levels, and many of those challenges are actually internal in nature.

So, what are those internal aspects that we need to consider in order to become better at what we do and proudly represent women in leadership as a role model for others? Here are some of the main things to consider.

1. The need to stay humble

It’s easy to start believing your own PR when you’re on a rapid course to the top. Perhaps things are going well, and people are saying great things about you.

Just step back and remember that you are just one member of a team, and that everyone who works with and around you deserve that same level of recognition.

Great leaders are humble and never arrogant. Remember that your effectiveness is based on impact and integrity rather than authority. Recognise your team and stay humble.

2. The challenge of self-confidence

If we’re honest, most of us – whatever our level – experience self-doubt. And these feelings of imposter syndrome or fear can rapidly escalate as you move further up the career ladder.

This self-doubt can become crippling and remove your abilities to motivate, inspire and serve your team. So, if you aren’t operating from a place of healthy self-confidence, perhaps now is the right time to work on the way that you see yourself.

Understand your value and remind yourself that you are enough and in your role for a reason. Work with a career coach if you need to develop the way that you see and talk to yourself!

3. The journey to overcome fear

Fear of change is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for all leaders but change never stops and the way that we handle it defines the way that we operate as leaders.

All of the ‘what ifs’ in life will stop you from being a great leader if you let them. From worrying about job cuts to economic changes, it’s vital that we learn to recognise the constancy of change, own it, and remind ourselves that we can step up and respond to what’s happening – as it happens.

4. The imperative of following through

Women in Leadership positions are always busy. There’s always more to do than we can find time for.

Emergencies, opportunities and distractions abound, and we are pulled in all manner of directions. So if you are struggling to follow through on the ideas, strategies and plans that got you into your role in the first place, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice.

Focus on what’s important and prioritise following through – in terms of your strategy and in terms of the things that matter.

5. Staying motivated

You’ll naturally focus on motivating your team, but what about yourself?

What motivates you and keeps you enthused?

If you are over-working, not taking breaks, not investing in hobbies and interests and not seeing loved ones, then you’ll become ground down.

Take time to invest in yourself as a holistic, whole, and complex individual with a valuable home and inner life, as well as a businessperson. You’ll see and feel the results – and so will everyone around you.

Implementing these 5 leadership skills

Are you an emerging or experienced leader who is seen as a mentor for other women in leadership?

Which of these challenges will you focus on overcoming this week?

Do you need help in overcoming or becoming more confident in dealing with any of these issues?

Sarah Jones Leadership Coaching and Women in Leadership

I have personally overcome many challenges women face as they progress their careers on the path to becoming women in leadership. With over 25 years working in leadership positions within global organisations, I am ideally placed to coach, develop and prepare women for leadership roles.

If you are a woman, who is an emerging leader of the future, or an experienced female leader, or an organisation looking to prepare your female employees for roles in leadership, then please contact me, because I can help you achieve your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a women’s leadership program?

Women’s Leadership Programs are programs that offer leadership development and management training to women. These programs help women to learn the skills and competencies needed to become leaders in their organisations.

Women’s Leadership Programs are designed for women who want to learn more about their own leadership style and how they can maximise their potential as a leader. They also provide skills that are helpful in managing others, such as communication, collaboration, and delegation.

Who has launched the women’s Leadership Development Program?

The Women’s Leadership Program (WLP) is a group that is dedicated to providing women with the necessary skills and knowledge to lead.

The Women’s Leadership Program (WLP) was founded in 2003 by a group of successful women who wanted to give back to the community and empower other women. The WLP offers leadership development programs for women, which teach them how to maximise their potential and become effective leaders.

Why is women’s leadership development important?

Women’s leadership development programs provide women with the skills and knowledge they need to be able to lead in a way that is authentic, collaborative, and inclusive. These programs are important because they give women the opportunity to grow their leadership skillset in an environment that embraces their different perspectives.

A study by McKinsey & Company found that the lack of women in leadership positions has a negative impact on female employees, who are more likely to leave their job when they don’t see other women in leadership positions.

Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership