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If you feel that your career has stalled, or you’re wondering how to reach your goals, it could be time to consider working with a career coach. Here are some of the signs that this may be very beneficial investment in your own future.

1. You’re getting tired of your job

Most of us have periods when we feel frustrated or tired with our jobs. However, when that is happening on a regular basis and you begin to feel stuck in a rut, you might benefit from a coach to work out your next steps. Many clients begin by feeling overwhelmed – but they don’t really understand why. They then decide to seek out a trusted and professional advisor to help them identify positive next steps.

2. You’re not finding the job you want

Sending out endless CVs and not getting any interviews? Not making it past interview to offer stage? Again, a career coach could make a very real difference here. A coach can help you with any specific issues that may exist or help you to strengthen a certain area in your job search process. This could be as simple as positioning your CV more appropriately for the jobs you want, getting better at career storytelling, or going back to fundamentals and asking whether there is another, more unconscious reason why you aren’t getting jobs in your current career field or trajectory (hint: you might not actually want them!)

3. You need to develop your personal brand

Whether you love or loathe the idea, every professional needs a personal brand in order to sell themselves in the market. It begins with a strong CV and moves towards an elevator pitch, excellent cover letter and the other aspects of personal presentation that you need for powerful, successful personal brand consistency. Get it right and your career will leapfrog forwards!

4. Your career isn’t moving

This could be a clear sign that you’re now in the wrong career, or you need help with specific skills such as change management or office politics. Or perhaps you are experiencing imposter syndrome and feel nervous about taking the next step up the ladder. Your coach will help to identify the issues and work with you to find solutions to them so that you can move forwards with confidence and ease.

5. You don’t know how to stand out from the crowd

Your coach will help you to identify your own strengths, attributes and authentic self, giving you the confidence to represent these things fully and without fear. All too often, we take steps to blend into the crowd when we really should be seeking to stand out for our own attributes!

6. You don’t feel motivated

Those Sunday evening blues sound familiar? It could just be that you’re in the wrong career and need to find a new direction. Don’t worry, your career coach can help you to find the path that will really motivate and enthuse you once again.

Why not find out more about how a career coach can help and get in touch with me today. I work with career professionals at all levels of their career, from starters who feel they may be pursuing the wrong direction to career changers who are ready to pivot. Whatever your needs, I can work with you to achieve the desired result!

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