Confident Leaders

Why Thriving Teams need Confident Leaders

Confident leaders are the foundation of thriving teams and something that is a highly sought after characteristic by employers.

Leadership is fraught with challenges, but the fact remains that your behaviour as a leader has a huge effect on how your team performs. And one of the main drivers of this performance is the degree of self-confidence that you have in your own abilities – particularly your readiness to tackle any situation that arises.

When you’re an effective leader, you feel good, well, optimistic and happy because you have less to stress and worry about. But that state of mind also helps your teams. Why? Here are just three of the main reasons:

  1. Confident leaders inspire committed teams

Confident leaders will speak up and support their team – taking on their issues and challenges. Fearful leaders avoid conflict and allow their teams to be subject to criticism.

A confident leader will push back against criticism from even senior leaders and stand up for their teams visibly, greatly increasing the trust, commitment and motivation of those team members who know they have someone advocating for them and fighting their corner.

  1. Confident leaders are better communicators

When you are confident as a leader, you don’t shy away from challenging conversations, because you know you are doing the right thing.

You are also far less likely to misinterpret what’s going on because of fear or put off difficult discussions for another time. When you are confident, you tackle conversations – and issues – head-on and as they happen.

This also means challenging other stakeholders and proactively having conversations that may be difficult when you feel that the reputation of your team is at stake. Again, you speak up without fear, and you take on the consequences.

  1. Confident leaders are better at delegating

When you are secure in your role, you appreciate that you don’t need to know everything – and cannot. You are also comfortable in delegating and allowing your team members to do their jobs.

Being confident means that you will encourage team input, diversity, and creativity without fearing mistakes or feeling as though direct reports are challenging you.

Confident leaders are secure and know to relinquish control in the right situations, to the right people. These leaders also tend to have the best employees working for them because star performers want to work in environments where they will be given development opportunities and the chance to step up and shine.

Of course, leadership is situational and there will always be times when you need to keep quiet, hold off on a difficult conversation until a more appropriate moment, do the work yourself and take decision making away from your team members. But situational leadership is so much easier when you possess the confidence that you need to enjoy your work and to relax without fear of mistakes or criticism.

Develop and grow

You can develop the skills and growth mindset that you need to become more confident at work – with ease and with motivation and love for your role once again! 

Sarah Jones Leadership Coaching and Women in Leadership

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