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Every business has a clear and defined purpose. Recognising this key to its success so why wouldn’t the same apply to you as an individual and your own career?

Without purpose, we are simply going through the motions each day. For some of us, it may be enough – or even essential – that we simply earn sufficient to pay the rent or mortgage, but hopefully, even when basic income drivers are met, we can all cultivate a sense of wanting and expecting more.

By developing a strong sense of purpose, we can find the motivation, drive and energy to propel our careers forward and avoid the danger of stagnation. Purpose helps us to get out of bed in the morning. It drives us to move forward, to aim for promotions and stretch goals. It encourages us to take healthy risks and to invest in ongoing development. In short, purpose gives us the drive to get the most out of our careers and to realise our true potential and sense of self.

How can we find our purpose? The trick lies in working out what drives us and identifying our true values. If we can begin by pinpointing our own values, dreams and goals, it becomes easier to identify our core purpose.

Very often, our purpose involves an element of helping others in some way or improving things. You may dream of starting your own business or having a place in a boardroom where you can change things for the better. You may have dreams that involve creativity, bold leadership, new products and services, or new business paradigms entirely.

Spend time defining your purpose and analysing it. Does it really resonate with you? Is it something essential and true to the person you are? Simply wanting to earn more money, have greater flexibility or earn a job title is unlikely to be a true purpose; instead, it is likely to be an outcome of your goals.

Ask yourself the big questions, such as what do you want to achieve with your life? What do you want to spend your life doing? What do you want to look back on with a sense of pride? What is your essential, sole, authentic reason for being, and how can you realise this with your work?

These questions are challenging for a reason and sometimes they may be uncomfortable, especially if we realise that the gap between our life purpose and our current work is a big one; however, this is the first step and it is an exciting one. As soon as you have identified your purpose, you can begin the journey that takes you towards it, no matter what your starting point.

The help you need

If you are looking for help to either define your purpose or progress your action plan to achieve it, I can help. Contact me for information about career coaching services that are tailored to your needs. Whatever your industry, career level or objectives, the right coaching can help you to achieve more in less time. Get in touch today for a confidential chat.

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