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In our last blog, we talked about the concept of conscious leadership – maintaining a present, conscious approach to your everyday decision making and recognising the power that your thoughts, emotions and experiences have over the way that you respond to external events.

Now let’s look at why conscious leadership matters:

1. Great leadership matters more than ever

The past two years have been hard on everyone and employees are looking for encouragement, reassurance and guidance. Their working practices will no doubt have changed, their feelings about work may have adjusted and they may have re-evaluated their lives more broadly during the pandemic. Many will be experiencing feelings of uncertainty and perhaps still fear.

As a leader, you can play a key role in helping your people to feel positive, empowered and ready to get the most from their jobs and careers. With regular, engaging and two-way communication, your own special brand of authentic leadership and a commitment towards your workforce, you can make sure everyone is working together, with the right kind of encouragement and support and a clear sense of direction.

2. Today’s leaders need to understand themselves

Most of us go through life without seeking to understand how our own personalities and experiences unconsciously shape our lives – including the way that we automatically respond to events and perceive things. When we become more conscious, we take off our filters and seek to become more objective, more questioning and more open to what is happening around us.

We seek to understand different perspectives, to really get to the heart of issues and to remove our own judgements and biases as far as possible. By really listening and seeking to understand – without letting our egos get in the way – we can become more authentic leaders.

3. Leaders can learn to separate themselves

Our thoughts define our feelings and emotions. The more that we can train our minds, perhaps using techniques such as meditation and conscious questioning, the more we realise the power that we have as leaders. We are no longer prey to external events and no longer feel powerless in the way that we respond to difficulties.

We learn techniques to be more resilient, more robust and yet, more empathetic. And as we develop that authentic position of consciousness, we are able to share it with others and encourage them to do the same. The shadow of the leader is a truly powerful concept within any organisation.

4. Conscious leaders are more effective

Conscious leadership naturally leads to a more mature, evolved and effective leadership style. By seeking to take ego and assumptions out of your leadership style, you will naturally become a more genuine and informed leader; one better able to read the room and understand your stakeholders.

Seeking to explore your own strengths, style and limitations is the beginning point – and working to develop yourself is the next. This is a lifelong process when done correctly and the powerful results will extend far beyond your board room and into every area of your life, to transform it for the better.

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