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How is it that some people seem to take life’s knocks with a pinch of salt – deal with them and carry on, whilst others appear to constantly struggle with the smallest setbacks. The answer may lie in our capacity for resilience.

Resilience is defined by Psychology Today as ‘the quality that allows people to be knocked down by life… and to bounce back stronger than ever’. The England football team is a fantastic example here. Yes, the Euro Finals were a huge disappointment to fans, and to the players themselves. But as professional footballers, resilience has been drilled into them at every turn. Already, they are training to return stronger than ever – and with the perspective that allows them to see just how much they have achieved already, and how much they have to be proud about.

So how do we develop that kind of resilience? The good news is that we can all learn how to become more resilient by focusing on a few key areas.

1. Know our ‘why’

A hugely powerful motivation, driver or purpose makes all the difference when it comes to our levels of resilience. If we truly believe in our goals and are striving to achieve them, even large setbacks can be overcome. Again, the football example works here. Yes, the England team lost out on the Euro2020 win, but they are already planning to come back stronger for the World Cup next year.

2. Watch your language

The way that you talk to yourself has a profound impact on your motivation, your self-belief and the way that you perceive the world around you. Work on those affirmations and talk a positive, strong talk that encourages you to keep going.

3. Be kind to yourself

Yes, we all have setbacks, so stop beating yourself up over them. Would you talk to a friend or loved one in the way that you talk to yourself? Recognise a mistake, and learn from it. Keep following the path – and give yourself a break!

4. Know your strengths

It really helps to know your own strengths so that you can be ready to leverage them at the right time. Work on self-reflection and stop being needlessly modest. If you see areas that need developing, then work on them!

5. Find your tribe

We all need to have friends, colleagues, supporters and loved ones that understand what we are working towards and who can encourage us in our quest. Find your tribe and make use of them. Similarly, be a supporter, confidant and source of encouragement to others.

6. Take a mental break

The journey to a stretch end goal can be a tough one. So switch off now and again and allow yourself to have a proper break. Get away from your screen, have a break from work and do something that nourishes your soul and revives your spirit, especially if it allows you to get out in nature.

7. Celebrate how far you’ve come

It’s very easy to look at the things we have struggled to achieve or the mistakes that we’ve made. Celebrate every step forward that you have taken and every way that you have grown to date!

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