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Arguably, in a world where ‘change is the only constant’, managers face a greater array of challenges than ever before. With everything from rapidly changing legislation to new technology to get to grips with, every manager has to be prepared to adopt a growth mindset of flexibility and a willingness to adapt to change.

Here are just some of the biggest challenges that every manager and business leader needs to prepare to face:

1. Employee wellbeing – particularly after the pandemic and lockdowns, where mental health is a big topic, and where people need to look after their health and wellbeing more than ever.

2. Uncertainty about the future – everything from Brexit to the Covid pandemic has created a high degree of uncertainty and employees need to feel supported in these challenging times, when the earth seems to constantly shift under our feet.

3. New technologies – in terms of the opportunities that they offer to work more effectively, and the potential threats that they offer to certain livelihoods, where automation may eventually replace jobs (requiring employees to reskill).

4. Company culture – and how to create a positive, nurturing culture in which employees can thrive.

5. The need to create a diverse workforce that is inclusive – changing the ways in which businesses attract, recruit and develop their talent.

6. How to get the right talent into the business, and the challenges of hiring the right staff in an extremely competitive marketplace.

7. Staying compliant in a business environment where regulations are constantly changing.

8. Meeting the skills gap in industries that are changing fast and which require employees to have new skills that allow them to stay relevant and able to contribute in the new world economies.

9. Communicating across different locations and different teams, where many people are now working at home and where communication is more important than ever to help people feel engaged and included in changes.

10. Managing the new world of home-working, flexible working, digitisation, and other ways in which our traditional offices are being replaced, in a new direction of travel that has been accelerated by the events of the past 18 months.

Learning to adapt to change

It can be difficult to let go of established ways of working and to embrace new patterns of work, new technologies, fresh attitudes, and cutting-edge skills. But the right mindset is a foundation that enables us to embrace the new and to let the old ways of working out! Yes, change can be frightening, but as managers, we can do so much to encourage our own teams to grow and evolve – and to take on new opportunities with fresh eyes.

Why not try working with a career coach to help you identify the blockers that are holding you back – and to create your own tailored strategy for moving forward with confidence, ease and intention. Call me today to find out more and for a confidential chat about your own needs.

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