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The end of the year is a common time for people to reflect on what they have or have not achieved to date. Commonly, we seem to place the most focus on the negatives, including things beyond our control and feel pressured to be better and perform to a higher standard. However, it is also important to spend adequate time reflecting on your current successes and milestones to increase your mindset, confidence and move forward with a positive mindset. With a new decade, approaching consider what it is you have achieved so far and how you can build upon this, not just goals you may not have reached yet. 

What is reflecting?

Reflecting is thinking back on the past and considering events already happened. Within this peaceful practice, we try to slow our minds down, switch off and stop worrying about the future. Once mastered, we are able to unpack things that have happened with the aim of coming up with productive solutions to improve.

Focus on the positives

By taking time to reflect on what’s gone right this year you will be able to collate a plan for achieving even more next year as you boost your confidence. When reflecting consider what tactics worked for you and what efforts brought in the results that you can replicate. Similarly when enacting this practice in business, focusing on the positives will also raise motivation levels and the dedication of employees as they will feel valued and respected for the work they have achieved so far.

The renewal process

Reflection helps to increase clarity on who we are and what we want to achieve. Consider what it is that held you back this year. Was it a negative mindset or lacking certain skills that prevented you from achieving a goal? What actions could you take to address this in 2020? Perhaps you could embark on a training course to bolster your skills, or you might consider ways to adapt your mentality so that you can begin 2020 with a positive outlook. By focusing on the positive actions you can take to move forward, it is less likely you will get bogged down in what you haven’t achieved.

Consider changes

Reflecting on your business performance should always have a designated purpose. Whilst it is good to equally focus on the positives, you do still need to consider what did not go to plan over the year to ensure the same setbacks do not happen again but make sure discussions are framed around finding solutions, rather than a blame game. Perhaps you need to invest more in a certain area of your business, or perhaps you need to reconsider your marketing strategies. Reflection is the best way to access performance and uncover what needs to be changed.


The festive period isn’t the only excuse for a party! Take time to celebrate your employees (and yourself) for all your hard work in 2019. Focus on what milestones you’ve achieved, what targets you’ve reached and any other individual successes. Let others know you appreciate them for their dedication and passion and create a true sense of workplace belonging.

It is important to look back and reflect in order to move forward. This exercise doesn’t need to be done on your own, in fact, can be more effective to bring in the opinions of external parties in order to widen perspectives. Taking time to reflect at the end of the year is a productive exercise that will generate even bigger and better results next year. 

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