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break out of the fog

Breaking Out of the Winter Blues

From hedgehogs to grizzly bears… hibernation is a common mammalian trait. During the cold, winter months, metabolism decreases in response to a dearth of food and resources, and these animals enter a stage of dormancy. It’s not uncommon for humans to feel a desire to do something similar. The Winter Blues Often, you might think …

career reinvention

Nine Inspiring Stories of Career Reinvention

Career reinvention, or jumping into a career with which you have very little experience, can be extremely daunting. Yet people do it all the time. Sometimes it’s because of an innate interest in the profession or a dormant talent that they have just come to realize. Career Reinvention It’s understandable that people don’t attempt to …

When people let you down

When people let you down

It’s a fact of life that sometimes people will let us down in our eyes. Sometimes on purpose sometimes not.  Everyone is unique with their own view of the world, their own experiences, values and perceptions.