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The Career and Leadership Coach for those who want to make their mark

With over 7 years’ experience as a top executive leadership and career coach and a 30 year career at board level, I know what works, what gets results and what you need to take your career to the next level.

In just 3 short months of coaching with Sarah, I made more progress with my goals than I had made in the previous 2 years. I definitely recommend Sarah as a coach for any area of your life that you are seeking improvement.

Jonathan Njoku

When I booked a session with Sarah I expected to come away with a few tips on how to be a better leader. That’s all I was looking for as I’ve only been in my new role for 2 months. What I got is something you can’t put a price on. It was like therapy, counselling and coaching all In one. I feel so much more confident now. It was a transformational experience. I’m excited to put in to place Sarah’s action points. Great follow up too.
I highly recommend Sarah
Emily Baynes

Elevate your leadership skills and achieve your true potential

As a certified leadership coach, I provide new and seasoned leaders with the skills they need to achieve extraordinary results. From individuals who want to advance their careers to those who want to change their life’s direction, I empower leaders to achieve their highest potential and enable impactful change both professionally and personally.

How You Can Benefit From Coaching

Positive and sustainable leadership growth cannot be separated from personal growth. So one fundamental aspect of my leadership coaching is to help my clients do the “inner work” of leadership. This involves building a deeper understanding of themselves, the sources of their drive, their unique strengths, and also identifying what may be getting in the way of achieving their goals.

Improve self-awareness

Sometimes we are unaware of our talents and faults. Leadership coaching encourages you to look inward, ask questions, and reflect on your preconceptions. I help you to discover your strengths, and explore how best to utilize them.

Establish strong dynamics

With a better sense of self-awareness, leadership coaching can also open up your mind to see your true potential. I provide you with tools and strategies to help bring about crucial mindset shifts that create meaningful change, transformation, and lasting success.

Accomplish clear goals

Some leaders struggle with setting measurable goals. Leadership coaching helps you identify attainable objectives, and the actions needed to accomplish them. I help you not just reach goals but be present in the process – leading to Increased happiness, resilience, and purpose.

Gain a sense of empowerment

Awareness, trust, and assertiveness can all empower you to forge your own path. I ask you questions, challenge you, and guide you through the process, and you will gain the insights and changes needed to confidently navigate your transformative change.

Let’s get started

I offer a complimentary, confidential 30-minute consultation with me. Just click the button to the right and we’ll schedule a time to talk.

Coaching & support for organisations

Whether your organisation has had shifts at the leadership level, a company-wide restructuring or other leadership issues; organisational change can be incredibly difficult for individuals, executives and teams. My coaching programmes can transform your organisation by unlocking potential for both leaders and teams.

I provide services for organisations and have worked across key sectors and industries such as banking and finance, commercial and residential property investment, gaming, industry associations, legal, occupational health and safety, professional services, and telecoms. I have in-depth experience and expertise in the logistics, supply chain, marketing/PR and pharmaceutical sectors.

I’ve worked with individuals and teams to support new and established leaders progress their careers and advance their skills to boost performance and reach organisational goals, and with teams to resolve conflicts, retain and plan staffing, improve goal-setting and performance. I use DiSC profiling to analyse behaviours at work to support employee development, recruitment and succession planning, and diversity and inclusion

I’ve worked with leading organisations including Advanz Pharmaceuticals, Fullers Logistics, the NHS, and the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce

Sarah works with individuals to get the best out of their working life, building thriving careers and organisations leading them to success.  Team dynamics and self-awareness is something Sarah works closely on to bring teams together and reach their goals and has recently helped our team to understand team dynamics and communications to ensure we continue to improve our performance. We highly recommend Sarah-J Coaching to make the difference to you and your organisation!

Naomi Powell

Head of Operations, Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce

Sarah has been working with our managers to get them to step up and into leadership roles. This has resulted in better performance, confidence and ability to run projects with reduced supervision. It has allowed their manager to focus on more strategic areas of the business. Sarah also conducted psychometric testing and team workshop to improve team communications and performance – and goal setting. She is also working with leaders to evolve and flex their leadership style and improve time management. She has a very clear, supportive, and results-driven approach to coaching.

Tony Dempsey

Divisional Manager, Fullers Logistics

Not much I can add to the recommendations already given except to say “dynamic” and “nulli secundus”! Sarah is one of those special talents who brings together a wealth of experience and knowledge into a range of usable tools that can help so many different people, the style and delivery is spot on. As I approach my Presidency of IOSH 2020/21 I can assure you that my first port of call going forward is Sarah Jones to try and improve my leadership skills.

Jimmy Quinn CFIOSH, IOSH President

Vice-Chair, IOSH

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Sarah was also recently nominated for a National Diversity Award and a British Small Business Award.

Let’s get started

I offer a complimentary, confidential 30-minute consultation with me. Just click the button to the right and we’ll schedule a time to talk.

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