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I am often called upon to speak to the media about various issues such as careers, mindset, wellness and wellbeing, HR topics, mental health, women-related topics and coaching.

For media and speaking enquiries, please contact Sarah Jones on:

+44 7531 228 089 or sarah@sarah-j.com.

Media – The Self Improvement Blog, Medium, Chrissy B on Sky TV, Brixton Bugle, HR Blog, PR Week.

I have spoken at, and for, the following organisations, as well as running my own events
and workshops. I am a speaker, facilitator and moderator:

  • Women in Business
  • Pearson Business School
  • Professional Speaking Association
  • Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce
  • Institute of Directors
  • And for large firms including Abbott Nutrition and DHL.

Here’s what people have said about my speaking:

“Sarah is an inspiring and thought-provoking speaker whose expertise spans coaching and leadership development, real life practical strategies to help you progress to the next level in your career. She gave an interactive and informative talk to students at Pearson Business School about growth and fixed mindset and received a really positive response,”

Adam Bradford

Adam Bradford Associates & Board Advisor to the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust

“Sarah is a professional business and personal coach who has spoken at several Chamber events on topics including business networking, dealing with difficult people and team performance. Sarah brings a refreshingly candid approach to her presentations, providing a clear explanation of the topic and including personal examples to illustrate her points. I would strongly recommend her as a speaker,”

Alison White

Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce

“Sarah spoke at my Women’s in Business conference to around 250 delegates. She is a passionate, engaging speaker who inspires her audience, and makes an impact,”

Des O’Connor

Women in Business


Brexit & Body Language – Daily Express

Brexit & Body Language – Daily Express

I was lucky enough to be asked about body language and what it means for leaders as part of a Daily Express article on Brexit and the associated negotiations recently, see the full article here.

Panda Radio: International Women’s Day

Panda Radio: International Women’s Day

I spoke to Panda Radio about International Women's Day and what it means on Panda Radio, discussing my career as a coach and my journey to date. Listen to the full interview here.

#MeToo – The Sun Newspaper

#MeToo – The Sun Newspaper

I was delighted to be quoted in The Sun newspaper recently discussing the #MeToo movement and its impact to date, especially in relation to women and women's empowerment. You can read the piece by clicking here.

View my posts on Buzzfeed

View my posts on Buzzfeed

I write regularly on Buzzfeed on topics of personal development, growth, career reinvention and my thoughts as a coach. Read the series by clicking here.

From Vulnerable to Invincible

My book will show you how to achieve, succeed and live a more fulfilling life. Get practical tools, tips and techniques to help you succeed.

Getting in touch

The easiest way to get in touch with me is by e-mail. Drop me a message and I will get back to you shortly. Also follow my social media channels for a daily dose of inspiration, career reinvention advice and my advice on finding the “next” in your career.

+44 7531 228 089


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