Mastering Communication During Conflict

Mastering Communication – Navigating Conflict with Clarity

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Mastering Communication During Conflict

Webinar - 5th October 2023 at 12:30pm


Mastering Communication During Conflict

Join me for an exclusive free webinar, “Mastering Communication – Navigating Conflict with Clarity”. This webinar will delve into the impact of organisational conflict, examining its causes, impact on business, presenting effective resolution techniques and examining the importance of clear communication.

Why Attend This Webinar?

In the dynamic world of business, conflicts are inevitable. However, how leaders respond to these challenges can make the difference between organisational success and failure.

This webinar delves deep into the heart of organisational conflicts, providing insights into why they occur, their business implications, and how to adeptly navigate them.

Whether you’re a seasoned leader or an emerging one, this webinar will equip you with the knowledge and tools to transform conflicts into opportunities for growth.

Avoiding The Top Mistakes Leaders Make in Conflict

Leadership isn’t just about making the right decisions but also about avoiding the pitfalls that can derail progress.

One of the biggest challenges leaders face is dealing with conflicts – both seen and unseen. This will highlight common missteps leaders often make in the face of conflicts, offering preventative insights.

From failing to recognise the root causes of disputes to neglecting the broader business implications of unresolved conflicts, we’ll tackle the top mistakes and offer actionable solutions.

What Will You Gain?

By attending this comprehensive webinar, participants will:

  • Gain a Deep Understanding: Equip yourself with a profound understanding of the nature and causes of organisational conflicts, enabling you to better anticipate and address them.
  • Business Impact Insights: Delve into the far-reaching consequences of unresolved conflicts on business, from productivity losses to drops in team morale.
  • Strategies for Success: Familiarise yourself with proven conflict resolution techniques tailored for organisational scenarios. Turn conflicts from problems into pathways for collaboration and growth.
  • Avoid Leadership Pitfalls: Learn about the common mistakes leaders make when facing conflicts and how to steer clear of them.

Meet The Expert

The webinar will be led by Sarah Jones, a seasoned leadership coach known for transforming leadership styles with influential communications coaching. With extensive experience in coaching leaders across various industries, Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge and practical advice to this session.

The Webinar Agenda

Introduction to Organisational Conflicts – Why Conflicts Occur in Teams and Organisations
  • Understand the nature of organisational conflict.
  • Recognise the common reasons for conflict within teams.
The Business Implications – Impact of Conflicts on Business
  • Understand the repercussions of unresolved conflicts.
  • Examine how conflicts can affect productivity and morale.
Root Causes – Digging Deeper: Causes of Conflicts
  • Identify the underlying causes of various conflicts.
  • Examine how to pre-emptively address potential conflict triggers.
Solutions and Strategies – Conflict Resolution Techniques in Organisations
  • Familiarise with various techniques to resolve conflicts.
  • Apply techniques in simulated organisational scenarios.
Questions and Answers

Exclusive Offer for Attendees

As a thank you for attending this webinar, you will receive an invitation for a free one-to-one Zoom call with Sarah, to discuss in confidence, your concerns and challenges in this area and Sarah will provide her insights on how you can start to improve your influence.

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Discover how to revolutionise your leadership style by developing your influence. This is a unique opportunity to dip your toes into the world of communicating with influence for free. Places are limited, so secure your spot today!

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