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Sarah has spoken at UK & international leadership conferences and delivers speeches, talks & workshops on key career and leadership topics.

She has led communications teams & projects across the globe for over 25 years including the world’s largest logistics merger & UK’s largest public private outsourcing deal.  By her late 20s, thanks to her drive & resilience, she was the only female Board member involved in large-scale merger, acquisition & change programme.

She has led successful UK & International communications teams for organisations including Abbott, AbbVie, AstraZeneca, DHL, Exel and Publicis on a UK and global level.

Sarah has been at the sharp end of all the topics she speaks about – she has been there and done it and is an expert in key leadership challenges.

Born with an entrepreneurial spirit and an insatiable drive to help others have successful careers, she helps people & teams to identify what they need to change within themselves, to achieve the results they want.

She calls this ‘Inside Out Leadership’ – the results start with what you change – you must become your own leader to create the results you want for you – or your team.

Sarah has spoken for Pearson Business School, the Chartered Institute of Personal Development, Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce and the Institute of Directors 

Sarah’s topics include:

Conflict Good or Bad or Both – Face it – Fly Through it!

Sarah shares typical conflicts that can arise with different audiences – what causes them & shares methodologies & techniques to rise above them to come to a win-win outcome.

Communicate with Impact & Ignite your Career Results

The secrets of communicating with impact – so others listen & take you seriously. You will discover verbal & non-verbal ways of verbally and visually making an impact that gets you noticed.

The Leap from Manger to Leader – Love It & Land It

Taking that jump from manager to leader is a big step –but being prepared & landing safely reduces stress, interference & performance whilst you continue to deliver business results.

Flex Your Leadership Style – Boost Your Performance

Identify your style, common pitfalls of different leadership styles & what you need to do to adapt your style to different challenges in your organisation. Even under extreme pressure.

Managing Upwards – For Amazing Career Results

Sometimes leading your team is just one part of your role. As you develop your career, success will depend on how you support your superiors and are able to ‘manage upwards ‘to senior audiences.

ABC of Leadership for Women – Assertiveness, Boldness and Confidence

To overcome the leadership challenges faced as a woman, Sarah will combine her industry experience with expertise to cover assertiveness, boldness and confidence – it’s simple as ABC & enable you to make the impact, progress & acceptance you deserve as a motivated, ambitious female leader.

Becoming a High Performing team

Becoming a High Performing Team” provides valuable insights for team leaders and members about what makes or breaks a team & how to succeed.

Sarah Jones Leadership Coach

Sarah can deliver empowering talks on a range of subjects

Here’s what people have said about my speaking:

“Sarah is an inspiring and thought-provoking speaker whose expertise spans coaching and leadership development, real life practical strategies to help you progress to the next level in your career. She gave an interactive and informative talk to students at Pearson Business School about growth and fixed mindset and received a really positive response,”

Adam Bradford

Adam Bradford Associates & Board Advisor to the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust

“Sarah is a professional business and personal coach who has spoken at several Chamber events on topics including business networking, dealing with difficult people and team performance. Sarah brings a refreshingly candid approach to her presentations, providing a clear explanation of the topic and including personal examples to illustrate her points. I would strongly recommend her as a speaker,”

Alison White

Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce

“Sarah spoke at my Women’s in Business conference to around 250 delegates. She is a passionate, engaging speaker who inspires her audience, and makes an impact,”

Des O’Connor

Women in Business

Thank You Sarah for speaking to IOSH Chiltern Branch members and IOSH members from across our Network on Resilience. At this time of shut down people are unsure, emotions are high and the world feels uncertain. You gave us some great top tips and we had superb feedback.

Louise Hosking

Chair of IOSH Chiltern Branch and Director Hosking Associates


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