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Through no fault of their own, many people are finding themselves in forced periods of working from home, on furlough or unfortunately have been let go from their job. This uncertainty and disappointment can quickly make you feel very defeated however is this the chance to explore that career change that’s always been niggling at the back of your head? With this increased time at home comes with it a chance for reflection on whether your career is really bringing the fulfilment it should be. Here is why this period may be a good time to start planning your career change. 

Increased time for reflection 

We typically live in a fast-paced world with not much time to stop and think. However, with the increased time we are now spending at home, it is almost as if some parts of our world have been partially paused. This is a prime time to reflect upon whether your career is really bringing the fulfillment it should be and complimenting the other areas of your life. Reflection should be the first stage of any career change as it stops you from making impulse decisions that do not actually align with what you want from your career or overall life goals. This can be done alone, using things such as career audits to guide your thought processes but coaches can also help you by providing an external perspective that can shed light on things you may not have considered. 

How does your career make you feel

Working from home can amplify some of the negative feelings we have towards our jobs. When our home also becomes our workplace there are increased distractions and temptation to avoid the tasks we should be doing. If you find yourself easily succumbing to these, it could be an indicator that maybe the job isn’t for you. 

In a similar vein when working from home it is easy to blur the lines between work time and relaxation time as you can feel increased pressure to always be working, particular with most social activities being closed currently! This can quickly lead to burnout, physical problems and a lack of sleep if left unchecked. If you are finding yourself constantly thinking about work this might not be a sign you need a complete career change but it does show you should redress your work-life balance. 

Time for planning

To conduct a successful career change, you need to spend time exactly how you are going to go about it and the current situation provides time for doing so. Many of us have a wide array of responsibilities that we need to consider before take the leap into a career change so it is important a plan is in place to account for these. Whilst the current financial climate may mean you are not able to act upon your career change straight away, it does not mean you cannot lay the groundwork in preparation, this can actually increase your chances of success when you do choose to go ahead. For example, you choose to undertake a training course, offer your services pro-bono to help others and for some extra experience or making some new connections on LinkedIn that could potentially be new clients if you’re interested in going freelance. Investing and planning for a positive future provides a great goal for you to work towards as these challenging times are only going to be temporary. 

In reality, there isn’t an ideal time for a career change because there will always be some element of fear holding you back but you can use this unprecedented situation to sow the seeds for your next career move by reflecting and planning. 

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