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Even the most motivated of us can sometimes hit a brick wall, or find motivation an issue from time-to-time. Modern life is very busy, many of us have conflicting pressures, coming in from different directions so it’s easy to get distracted, overwhelmed which can lead us to lose sight of our goals.

Whether these are our own personal life goals, or goals specific to your role here a few tips:

  • Check in with your goals – are they still valid? Realistic, or do they need to change. There is nothing wrong with amending our goals whether it’s for a business, or for yourself
  • Give yourself plenty of breaks – I firmly believe that whilst making progress to our goals is important for most people, we need to give ourselves some slack. Some days or weeks may be more productive than others, that’s often the rhythm of life, and what’s happening around us. So, if you are at work, take regular breaks and allow yourself time to do the easier tasks, or go to the gym, rather than pushing through at 150% all the time. If it’s personal goals, then allow yourself time off, a break, relaxation to energise yourself.
  • Look at role models who you find inspirational – read motivational books, watch TED videos. I often find going to see inspirational speakers really recharges me, or going to workshops with other people striving to meet the same goals
  • Celebrate any successes along the way, do something you don’t usually do for yourself and take time to recognise the progress you have made
  • Don’t view setbacks or mistakes negatively – you’ve simply learnt something new that you didn’t know before – not everything goes to plan the first time and we cannot control everything about the world around us, it’s how we react that is important
  • Be around positive people – it’s amazing how being around negative people can drain you so try and avoid them or at least find a way of drowning out their negativity
  • On the flips side, surround yourself with positive people or people that support you – we all need a bit of external support from time-to-time
  • Develop a mindset where you expect to succeed – visualise your success and repeat positive phrases to yourself, it’s amazing how doing something every day to develop this mindset will help you to make progress, and remain optimistic about your goals.

If you’d like further information on how to keep on track with your plans, contact me to arrange a confidential, free consultation at sarah@sarah-j.com.

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