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One of the many outcomes of the past year has been the perpetual feelings of uncertainty and anxiety many of us are now feeling. It’s a hard feeling to shake off after a prolonged period of change and challenge – from Brexit to the Pandemic, and with ever-developing issues such as climate change now demanding more attention.

Governments across the world are facing grassroots protests once again as their subjects demand change. Movements such as Black Lives Matter and #MeToo are forcing long-overdue change from the bottom up. And alongside these new directions, governments are facing huge shifts in global power, the influence of tech giants, changing demographics and the impact of climate change.

It can be overwhelming can’t it? And how exactly are we supposed to keep following our own goals when they are placed within the context of these seismic shifts?

The answer lies in breaking things down into manageable chunks and in concentrating on the things that we can control. Everyone will approach their personal growth in a different way, but here are some positive and concrete steps that we can all benefit from:

1. Revisit your goals
After the past year, your goals may simply have changed along with your priorities. So revisit them and adjust them as necessary. If you aren’t sure how your goals have changed – but you know that your old goals simply don’t resonate any more – be open to fresh ideas and new directions. This could also be a catalyst to consider working with a career coach to ‘reset’.

2. Get your plan in place
It’s fair to say that most of us found it difficult to follow our plan last year. So look at your objectives, your goals and your timeframes. Are each of your actions set with SMART measures? This plan is usually an exciting stage and it should really reignite your enthusiasm for growth and development.

3. Grow your network
Look for networking opportunities that are starting back again. Update your social media profile. Engage on industry forums, volunteer to help with a charity or a project, and generally get yourself out there and back into the world of networking. It will reinvigorate you and help you to grow your contacts list at the same time.

4. Seek out inspiration
Listen to inspiring podcasts. Watch TED Talks. Sign up to quality media sources and read quality journalism. Spend time with enriching people who stimulate you. When you feel low on energy and motivation, these activities will really fire passion in your heart once again and encourage you to prioritise growth after a year of imposed limits.

5. Get help
A career coach can help you to reset your direction and to make the best use of your time. This is important when you have limited time and want to prioritise it. Your career coach can also ask the right questions to challenge and stimulate your growth and help you to consider fresh new directions which are suited to your skills and interests.

To find out more about how I can help you move forwards, please contact me today for an informal chat. Don’t put your personal growth to the back of the priority list – focus on it now to turn your year around and to really leap towards the future you dream of.

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