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It’s the big question that most of us constantly grapple with – what exactly is our life purpose? And how can we possibly hope to live our best life if we haven’t yet worked it out?

Don’t worry. Many people don’t work out their true life’s work and passion for many years – and some realise that they have several directions to pursue throughout the course of their lives. So if you aren’t there yet, just appreciate the journey you have taken so far that gets you ever closer!

There are different ways to work out what your purpose might be, and a good route is to consider and answer these questions below:

1. Understand what a life purpose actually is

What single unifying theme brings together all of the talents and abilities that you have always had – in a way that allows you to achieve your absolute fullest potential whilst also being in the service of others?

A daunting question? Then look back over your life and ask yourself which achievements brought you the most joy and meaning. Make it simple and don’t worry about whether these achievements simply gave you joy – or benefited others. This exercise will take you closer to identifying your true purpose.

2. Move in the right direction

It’s now time to move away from the things which drain you and exhaust you, and move towards those things that fill you with boundless energy, joy and that wonderful ‘flow’ state – you know the one! If you can keep nudging yourself towards the things that naturally enthuse you, you will naturally move towards your purpose without even overthinking it.

3. Identify new ways in which you can – and want – to help others

Start by finding just one thing that lights you up. This will be your starting point! Remember too that you don’t need to be acting in service to others every minute of the day to be fulfilling your life purpose. Sometimes our purpose is internal and that is to do the things that spark joy in ourselves.

If we can start by finding something that fills us with joy and excitement, then it invariably leads towards a route where we can also help others.

So even if you aren’t sure in which direction you should be heading, you can take baby steps to nudge yourself there, asking what makes you curious, energised, motivated… excited. Remember that feeling?! Your purpose will reveal itself over time as you slowly navigate towards those things that give your life meaning and joy.. and as you move away from those ‘energy vampires’ which leave you feeling depleted.

Get there faster

Want to identify your life’s purpose and set yourself firmly on the track to living your best life and working in your best role? Contact me for details of how my tailored and flexible coaching programmes can help you to unlock barriers in your life, and to move forwards with purpose and passion!

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