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After a year of being cooped up at home and dealing with Covid restrictions, many of us are taking stock of our professional lives and considering what our next steps will be. After all, it’s a great time to reprioritise, to revisit ambitions and goals and to consider a possible new career path. So if you are wondering, ‘how to find a career I enjoy?’, start by following these steps:

Recognise what’s Wrong

A Gallup study back in 2014 found that only a third of workers felt fully engaged in the work that they are doing – and the figures have kept falling ever since. If you’re getting a bad case of the Sunday evening blues every week, it probably is time to look at your existing role and career path and identify the sticking points. Is it the job itself? Are you in the wrong profession? Or are there more basic ‘hygiene’ factors that you could adjust, such as your working schedule or location? By working out what is bothering you or lacking, you can far easier create a path towards positive change.

What Motivates You?

Do you love helping people? Are you creative? Do you dream of becoming an entrepreneur and owning your own business? By identifying your true motivators, you can begin to plot a path towards your new desired direction. Or perhaps you are clear about your new intended career path and are ready to start researching positive next steps, such as retraining or a ‘internship’ to get a taste of your chosen new industry.

In his book, The Reasons We Work, Shane Parrish identifies three main drivers behind work – potential, play and purpose. Some people choose potential for the ultimate career goals they can achieve via a certain path, others simply want to ‘play’ and love coming to work itself, with the job forming its own reward. Others seek more meaning and purpose from their career and want to make a difference in some way. Identifying your personal ‘P’ can really help as you plan your next steps.

Do the Legwork

Once you have your desired outcome, consider creating a mood board that represents your ambitions. Then, work on your personal brand – obtaining help from a coach as required to identify your strengths and unique attributes, or USP. This will help you to create your ‘elevator pitch’, which is basically a short explanation of who you are and where you want to go – that you can share with your growing network (which you will actively nurture).

From this point, you can actively seek steps that take you closer to your goal, from training and relevant projects to seeking out work opportunities that help you to travel in the right direction. With time, positivity, a proactive attitude and a clear plan, you can pivot or reframe your new career at any time!

Find out More

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