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The past year has thrown all kinds of new work challenges at us; not least the challenge of migrating to homeworking on a long-term basis and attempting to work – or manage – teams via screens!

So many managers and business leaders are feeling slightly deflated at the experience. After all, it is far harder to motivate, empower and engage a team via Zoom, rather than in person.

So, if you are feeling that your team doesn’t respect you, or that you can’t motivate them in the right way, you should first know that you are absolutely not alone. We’ve all had to adjust to life during the pandemic and the emotions caused by prolonged lockdowns.

1. Cut yourself some slack
Most of us rarely even worked from home or conference called before Covid, so the learning curve has been huge for everyone. So give yourself a break and stop trying to be perfect. We’re all learning. We had no training for this! Every ‘fail’ is a learning opportunity and you will undoubtedly already be a better remote manager than you were a year ago!

2. Model your desired behaviours
Want hard-working staff? Then demonstrate your own excellent work ethic. Keen to foster a sense of support and co-operation? Model these behaviours yourself and lead the way. The ‘shadow of the leader’ is a powerful effect and the behaviours that you demonstrate will show your team what you expect from them. Remember that this applies to positive and negative behaviours, so be as consistent as you can.

3. Help others
When you’re thinking about being a better leader, it’s natural to end up with a focus on yourself. But one of the most powerful ways to improve your leadership is to focus on others. Help, develop and mentor others to achieve their own goals and they will naturally see you as the go-to person that helps facilitate meaningful, positive changes.

4. Show creativity
Work on showing your own creative or innovative ideas at work. This will mark you out as a problem solver who likes to think differently. Yes, some of those ideas won’t work. But the important thing is that you will be seen as someone who has influence and who can find fresh, interesting new ways of doing things.

5. Stay calm
It can be hard to keep your emotions under wraps when you are stressed and tired. But a great leader is invariably a calm one who can manage emotions. So learn to breathe through the stress and to pause on quick reactions. Work on being positive and supportive – and on finding the good in difficult situations. Again, you will become the person that people look to for guidance when the going gets tough.

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