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We all want to be one of those leaders that everyone admires and naturally wants to follow. Leaders that inspire, motivate and engage are the holy grail, and they are always remembered for all the right reasons. So how can you be become one of those elusive characters?

1. Work on your communication

Great leaders don’t bark instructions – they engage, collaborate and try to foster a culture of open and two-way communication. Focus on getting your team to be cooperative and encouraging towards each other, reminding everyone that they can talk to you freely. To make that a practical reality, set a structure as to when people can come and see you – if you have a large team for example. Be clear about when and how you will have an ‘open office’ and always get back to your employees. Even better, just go and sit within your team so you really do become part of their everyday conversation.

2. Encourage growth

Great leaders aren’t threatened by the successes of each other – in fact, they welcome the chance to build stronger, better teams. So really encourage your teams to grow on a professional and personal level, empowering them, offering the right support and opportunities and showing an interest.

3. Don’t be afraid to fail

Also known as being ready to try new things and taking risks! If you can show that you’re willing to fail in the name of creativity and innovation, they will also embrace this approach and become far more adept at working in interesting, better ways that solve more problems.

4. Keep your attitude consistent

There will always be problems and challenges. So keep an optimistic attitude and share it with others. Don’t throw around blame or fly off the handle when things go wrong – you’ll kill trust and creativity and stifle that ‘discretionary effort’ completely. For productivity and performance, stay calm, stay can-do and keep things in perspective.

5. Manage well

Great leaders are invariably good managers with an eye for detail. Set clear goals and expectations for your team. Explain why projects are important and provide the necessary strategic context. Show how the work of everyone in your team will impact the greater good.

6. Celebrate success

It’s all too easy to focus on problems and bumps in the road, but great leaders always know to celebrate successes – big and small. Make a fuss of your star employees and recognise hard work and results alike. Make an effort and they will remember you for it.

7. Delegate

Great leaders never try to do it all themselves. Show trust and respect in your teams by delegating, offering your people the chance to step up and develop their own skills and allowing you to do your own job more effectively.

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