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How to be a Conscious Leader

A conscious leader is naturally authentic and possess real integrity – holding themself fully accountable when things go wrong (in addition to being prepared to share the limelight and rewards when things go well!)

As a conscious leader, you seek to really understand what you are hearing from those around you rather than simply seeking to respond. To do this, you need to be fully in tune with yourself and your environment.

This is a fascinating topic that has received plenty of interest in the academic world, and I expect it to be a real focal area in the year ahead, as businesses move to a more authentic, values-driven and flexible model – and one that resonates more fully with what their customers want.

So if you feel that you are currently tending towards a more reactive style… and your ego running the show… try these steps to bring greater consciousness to your approach.

1. Be more self-aware

This is arguably the no.1 step towards becoming a better, more conscious leader. Think beyond your strengths and weaknesses and factor in your feelings, thoughts and motives. Monitor them to manage them! It often helps to ask yourself questions such as ‘where am I currently falling short and what can I do to up my game?’

2. Consider your influence

It’s a truism that we’re the product of the five people we spend the most time with. Our inner circle plays a huge role in our success and character. Think about your five people and their own attitudes, views and behaviours. Are you happy to be the average result of this five? If not, restructure.

3. Meditate

Meditation reduces stress, boosts innovation and creativity, improves brain power and focus and helps you to sleep. It also connects us with our consciousness and there are plenty of ways to try it, from using an app to walking or even swimming meditation.

4. Practice intention

Approach your activities with intention – in how you spend money and time, how you travel, how you use your leisure time, how you eat. and so forth. If you have areas of life that you feel need to be developed, focus and set intentions for them. You’ll rapidly create a richer, more fulfilling life.

5 . Practice Toltec wisdom

Ancient Toltec wisdom proposed four agreements – 1. being impeccable with your word, 2, never taking anything personally, 3, never making assumptions, and 4, do your best! These simple but profound approaches to life help you to practice integrity. Remember that you are only viewing the world from your own lens, and that hard work does pay off.

Take your leadership further

If you’re ready to become a more effective, authentic and conscious leader this year, I can help. Please contact me to book a free consultation and for details of my flexible career coaching programmes, designed entirely around your needs.

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