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Well-functioning teams are key to the success of your organisation. Without these, you will struggle to reach your goals but it can be difficult to motivate your team to be as excited as you are about the work ahead of them, particularly if you’re team is new to working and communicating remotely. If you have built the business from the ground up, it can feel like a knock when people don’t seem to share your passion but there are ways to help get your team motivated.

Show them your passion 

Passion and enthusiasm are two emotions that can quickly rub off on those around you. If you want to create a motivated team, as a leader you also need to be seen as a motivated and positive individual. This not only encourages the team but clearly shows them what you expect from them too. This is not to say you need to be 100% positive 100% of the time as things will happen that may throw things off course or you may be struggling yourself, which is completely human and a part of authentic leadership. 

A priority should always be showing all team members that you are passionate about the business, which can help to rub off on them, but also show them you care about their career journey in the business. If you take the time with each individual to understand what they want to get out of the workplace they are likely to be much more motivated to try their best.

Tell them the bigger picture

There will always be certain tasks that no one really likes to do but are completely necessary, such as admin tasks. These can quickly sap the motivation of the team and create a very negative atmosphere. To try and keep everyone as positive as possible, highlight the importance of these tasks to the overall business functionality and chance of success. If people can see how they are contributing to the bigger picture they are much more likely to work harder on these tasks. 

Where possible try to align tasks to those with the most suitable skills. Motivation can quickly dwindle within those struggling with a task so try to align them as closely as possible. Everyone should be stretched with tasks outside of their comfort zone sometimes but make sure there is support available to guide them along the way and when they pick up these new skills, they will be even more motivated to push further. 

Show them they are valued

One of the most important ways of motivating your team is showing them that you value their contributions. Employees can quickly lose positive if they think their hard work is going unnoticed or they are never credited for their successes. Whilst monetary remuneration is a common way of celebrating your employees this doesn’t need to be the only way; hosting team lunches, extra training days, offering additional holiday or subsidising a team day out also provides opportunities for celebration. This can also forge strong bonds between team members and encourage downtime, which will ultimately benefit the workplace.

By following these tips above you can create a motivated team that is both productive and feels valued; a recipe for success! 

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