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We know how you feel. To some extent, we’re all ‘hanging in there’ at the moment, as the world continues to grapple with the pandemic and the lasting effects on our lives – whatever those impacts may look like.

But when it comes to your career, simply hunkering down and hoping to ride out your career in a single job won’t work.

Some of us will remember when there really were ‘jobs for life’. Many of us will remember the employment market of just a few years ago when you would look for a new role every few years, perhaps when you wanted a promotion or had a change in your personal circumstances.

But today’s employment market is a new beast, and younger workers may have known nothing other than the existing realities of change. Nowadays, you simply can’t afford to bury your head in the sand and plug away your role, simply updating your CV when you decide to look around.

Jobs are no longer secure. There are very few jobs for life. Pension packages are less generous. Many roles now involve contracting, freelancing, or limited hours. This means that we need to constantly be on the lookout for our next opportunities.

We have to constantly keep our CV up to date, and be actively networking to build our contacts lists. We must always be strategic about our careers, looking for projects and opportunities that will help us to become better skilled, more experienced, better at what we do and generally more employable.

Developing the right mindset

Perhaps the most important attribute in the modern work market is the right mindset. When you accept that things are changing – from the way that we apply from jobs to the locations where we work – it becomes far easier to be positive.

When you recognise that you can be in control of your career and that you are fully able to change and adapt to new trends, then everything becomes easier.

We can all learn new skills that help us to be relevant in the workplace. We can all learn and act as mentors to others. We can all network, stay curious, work on our interpersonal skills and be ready to take managed risks – in order to get better outcomes.

We can all consider portfolio careers, side-gigs or interesting passions that might turn into a business idea.

The first step lies in embracing the way that the working world is changing and seeing the opportunities that lie ahead for you – if you are willing to embrace them.

The help that you need

If you are struggling to feel positive about your career direction and perhaps feel threatened by the changing world around you, then coaching can help you to feel more confident and positive about the steps you can take to be in control. Contact me to find out more about my tailored and flexible career coaching services, and take the first step in moving forward in the direction YOU want to go.

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