Emerging Leaders

Leadership Coaching is now considered an essential practice in organisations ranging from SME's to large corporations and I’ve helped emerging leaders & executives across a range of issues including:

  • Understanding the leap between managing & leading
  • Avoiding undue stress & burn-out
  • Leaving the old job behind & delegating effectively
  • Understanding how to adapt leadership style
  • Confidence & imposter syndrome
  • Identifying & understanding their leadership style & adapt
  • Conscious leadership to motivate & co-create with teams.

Emerging leaders face, what can be a daunting and big change. Far too often emerging leaders are left to fend for themselves without the adequate support & guidance, to not just survive, but thrive.

Couple this with the fact the definitions of leadership & what successful leadership looks like, have changed dramatically in this ever-changing, hybrid, and often agile, world; many emerging leaders find themselves in need of professional guidance to fully realise their potential.  

According to Gallup, about 1 in 10 people are what you might call natural leaders – the rest of us must learn leadership skills.  Recent scientific studies suggest that leadership is 30% genetic and 70% learned. Poor leadership practices cause most organisations to operate with a 5 – 10% productivity “drag” which can cost millions.

Don’t worry – you are not alone. I have been where you are in the past and I know how worrying it can be. As I progressed through my leadership career, I realised that I needed new behaviours and skillsets.

Sure, I was good at my job – but leadership is more than that – it’s a state of being that doesn’t end, to lead others – you need to understand & lead yourself first. I wasn’t sure I understood leadership, yet here I was in a completely new organisation, with a huge team, in a transition that brought together three different organisations.

With different cultures, I had to change & adapt – not use a ‘one size fits all approach’. I spent ages researching & reading about leadership, second guessing myself, feeing as though I didn’t deserve this role – that I was ‘winging it’ just because I was a resilient person!

I’ve coached 100s of emerging leaders to identify their current skills, their career & leadership plan, their objectives to ensure that they succeed in their new roles.

I’ve worked with leading organisations such as AstraZeneca, L’Oréal, the NHS, Royal Mail – to name a few, as well as executives from a wide range of sectors including finance, gaming, legal, industry bodies, technology and telecoms to be by their side when making this change.

I develop a bespoke plan tailored to your unique set of circumstances and ensure you are fully supported during this time of change.

coaching modelTogether we will understand what your typical behaviours are at work, and more importantly, how they may change when you are under pressure, so that you can recognise your triggers, read your team members & senior leadership, adapt your leadership style according to the person and situation.

We will then agree a plan where I’ll coach you through the skills you may need to develop which often include how to manage upwards, how to lead remotely, delegating, dealing with conflict, building your profile, communications, motivating the team, giving feedback, image – and much, much more.

The journey starts with self-awareness, through to self-leadership – to ultimately self-mastery so that you are not hijacked or overtly stressed by situations at work.

And when you become a great leader, you will know that you are on top of your game, able to deal with challenges, enjoying your career – with you & your team happier, more motivated & performing.

Whether it's Leadership Coaching for Individuals or Teams

Sarah Jones Coaching has the expertise and experience

Leadership Coaching for Individuals

My coaching programmes help you make the necessary executive leadership progress by providing agreed upon personalised services & measuring outcomes along the way.

Leadership Coaching for Teams

Whether your business has experienced leadership changes, a corporate reorganisation, or other leadership issues, an organisational transition may be quite challenging for people, executives, and teams. My programmes can help your business grow by unlocking leadership and team potential.

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I’ve regularly spoken with leading organisations on key leadership themes, particularly around leading in a world that is constantly shifting whilst holding onto your personal values and supporting the organisation’s values. Your business is operating in a challenging and constantly changing environment and these talks helped transform many organisations to this day.

Sarah Jones leadership coaching

In From Vulnerable to Invincible, Sarah Jones lets you in on the tips, tricks and tools that she uses daily in her coaching business. She’s helped a myriad of clients navigate a more successful path from feeling stuck, through to living a transformed life, right on course. Now, she wants you to do the same.

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