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Real you

If you want to add value to your business you must first be yourself. Sounds pretty simple but that is what people buy into; you. You do not need to be a “people person”, developing a personality so people like to hear you talk. Anyone can learn how to use selling techniques to be a sales person.

Reviewing your goals

It is the end of the first quarter and time to check the score. Just as planning your goals for the coming year should always begin with a look back at the year in review, so planning your busines for the rest of this year should take a look back at the first quarter.

Your good elf this festive season

Your Good Elf This Festive Season

So how do you keep yourself in ‘Good Elf’ as we head towards this festive season? (Sorry, but I could not resist the pun). Christmas, for those that celebrate it, can mean many different things to different people.

To Goal or not to Goal

As a coach, I help people set and achieve their life, business or career goals which allows my clients to focus their time and effort on the areas in life that are important to them.