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Setting career goals

Setting career goals

What gets measured gets done! We can often feel frustrated when certain areas of our life do not go according to plan, and we look around and see that others seem to be making a big success of their careers.

Lost in your career? Try these

Sometimes we all get stumped, feel like we are not making progress, or lose our way in our careers. Life simply gets in the way sometimes and we can wonder why we have not made the progress we would like.

The mask at work

Very often we find ourselves in a role, or promoted, and we feel like an imposter, we are wearing a mask. Whilst we may know how to do our role, if we are expected to lead a team, work effectively alongside different peers, departments – and manage upwards, it can be tough.

Authentic leadership

Authentic leadership

In this video we will be discussing how to become an authentic leader at your company. We talk about the various issues you face whilst being a leader and how you can unlock your full potential in this role.

Career SWOT analysis

If you want to find and develop a satisfying career, you need to create a solid career change strategy and an important part of that is your personal SWOT analysis. What is exactly is a SWOT analysis?

Reviewing your goals

It is the end of the first quarter and time to check the score. Just as planning your goals for the coming year should always begin with a look back at the year in review, so planning your busines for the rest of this year should take a look back at the first quarter.

From manager to leader

Very often people are promoted into a role because of their technical experts, and competency in the role, and then are expected to be ‘leaders’ as they are given bigger responsibilities and areas, possibly people, to drive forward.