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The past year has had such a profound impact on us all, that many business leaders are simply feeling grateful to have survived the economic impact of the pandemic – and to be in a job at all. In fact, the stress and pressure build-up of 2020 means that so many great leaders are burning themselves out in a bid to prove themselves and to legitimise their position and value – rather than working on their development.

It’s natural to feel like this. After all, when we have a job – especially after so many have lost theirs – we feel a mix of emotions; gratitude, guilt, fear, apprehension. We also feel that we need to continue to prove our worth and value, particularly if we have concerns that our employer may yet have to make further redundancies with the furlough scheme comes to an end or when market conditions change.

But the fact is, burnout will not help anyone. There is only so long that you can keep on over-delivering, over-proving, trying to outperform, and always saying yes. If you burn yourself out, no one wins. Not you, not your employer, and certainly not your loved ones.

Yes, you are still in a job – but remember that a job is not a gift! It’s a two-way exchange of your energy, performance, attitude, time skills, and motivation… in return for a salary and the other benefits that you get from your employment.

So it’s right to be grateful, but it’s also OK to a be little pragmatic and objective. Your employer is not gifting you a job. Your employer knows your worth and your value in the market. Your employer is prepared to pay for that value, but things do change in businesses and industries, and it’s essential that you take charge of your own career.

Now is exactly the right time to focus on your personal development

Why? Because of the effects of the past year. After all of the challenges, you will have naturally experienced a seismic shift in the way you think, feel, and perceive your career and its direction. Many of us are interested in new directions or challenges. Others are keen to scale back our hours, or to pivot, or to try our hands at entrepreneurship. Others have realised that life is too short and it’s time to release those wild dreams from the hidden folder on your laptop or in the pages of your journal and make them a reality!

So don’t sit there at your desk, working like a hamster in a wheel, trying to endlessly prove yourself. Stop and take stock. Ask yourself what you want next and really focus on your own personal development and growth.

Why not work with a career coach to help you with this exciting, empowering, and ultimately uplifting process. After all, Covid took so much away from us, now is the time to take back control, peace, and motivation for your own future. Let’s do it together!

Contact me today to find out more about how I can help you to take your career and life goals forward so that they become a reality, rather than a dream permanently on the horizon. Now’s the right time. The question is – are you ready to put YOU first?

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