I got my degree, the first in my family, and worked my way down to London where I began a corporate career eventually working my way up to board level in corporate communications for Exel PLC. At the time, there weren’t many women in the upper levels of management, and I realised how challenging it was to learn to adapt to an environment without guidance from people who had already done it before. I also worked with leading firms in UK, EMEA and global roles for the UK, AstraZeneca, Abbott Nutrition, DHL and Freud Communications on government affairs, medial relations, crisis & issues, advocacy management, internal engagement & employee communications, large-scale change programmes, and product launches – leading teams around the world.


In my late 20s, I heard of coaching, and even though I was not sure what it really meant decided to find a coach who could help me. Things didn’t feel right, I had hit a brick wall but had no idea why, or what was wrong with my usually sunny disposition. I had tried a few people, but it was one lady who stuck out in my mind – I was blown away at the mindset shifts she helped me achieve. The breakthroughs were evident in all areas of my life. That was the start of my ‘deeper self-discovery’, a journey that continues to this day, exploring different options for my life and living on my own terms. It was my first experience of the power coaching has to transform lives and bring out the best in people.


Not long after, at the height of the global credit crunch I transitioned to working as a freelance professional as I wanted to take control of my life and time – to travel, earn a good income and have head space for myself to think about my next career step. Sure, I was successful ‘on paper’, but something was still missing… 


The Photocopier Moment – The Missing Element

Simply put, I felt I wasn’t being my authentic self. One day, standing at the photocopier I thought, ‘I need to go further’ – it was like a thunderclap!

At that point, I remembered the coaching I had received in earlier in my 20s, and reflected on what a wonderful and transformative experience it had been. It completely shifted my thinking and outlook. It left me feeling in the flow, full of purpose, clear about my goals and itching to act on them. I had gained a confidence that I never experienced before! Ever since then I had felt like a new and improved me – on point, and on purpose!

That’s when I realised that that was what was missing. Being in the flow, living life on my terms, true to my goals and to who I am.

Sarah is located in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, coaches through the UK and has international clients.


Working With Me

I am a seasoned personal, life, business and career coach. Born with an entrepreneurial spirit and an insatiable drive to help others find their happiness, I founded my coaching business after a successful career in PR to help people find purpose, meaning and direction in their lives and careers. 



NLP practitioner, two diplomas from the coaching academy – Personal Performance Coaching, Diploma and Corporate and Executive Diploma.


Additional CPD certificates from the Coaching Academy in the following areas: Mindfulness, Image coaching, Neuroscience, Confidence coaching, Holistic coaching, Behavioural coaching (ACT), Transactional analysis, Resilience coaching, Financial coaching.


As part of my continuing professional development, I have also completed qualifications in these key, challenging areas, where I often help my clients to achieve breakthroughs: Mindfulness, Personal mage and impact, Neuroscience, Confidence, Holistic coaching, Behavioural coaching ACT, Transactional analysis, Resilience, Reinvention, Financial.




1 I qualified with a personal performance and corporate & executive coaching diploma with The Coaching Academy, the largest training organisation of its kind in the world, endorsed and accredited by the International Coach Federation and the Institute of Leadership Management. I am also fully qualified in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and timeline therapy, and am DiSC®-qualified (DiSC is a widely used personal and professional assessment tool). And by the way – I am qualified in Reiki, plus am a Laughter Yoga and Gibberish workshop leader if you really fancy trying something different!


I recently started working with Sarah to help me focus on a new path and rebuild my confidence after a period of tough personal challenges. Fifteen minutes into the first session I knew I was in good hand! Sarah is reassuring, she comprehends the blocks and challenges quickly and began with some basic tools to help me start managing the first next steps. I am still a work in progress but already I am starting to formulate a clearer picture of what I want to achieve and how to get there. Working with Sarah makes me feel confident that I am going to get to where I want to be.


Through working with Sarah I have been able to establish my main goal and break this down into smaller manageable mini-goals. This has motivated me to achieve these smaller goals in order to reach one step closer to success. Sarah has helped me identify and face the barriers I was unconsciously putting up stopping me moving on with my goal. She has a friendly and encouraging approach and is really supportive. She challenges me when I most need it and her questioning technique has made me see things from a different perspective. I am always motivated to complete my actions after a coaching session with Sarah; I would recommend her to anyone who has a goal they want to achieve.

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