Career Change

Top tips for a painless career change

A common reason why many people opt not to pursue their desired career change is the impact the transition may have on the responsibilities they currently have. Most people simply cannot afford to have a period when they are not in work, which can occur if the career change is not thoroughly thought through. However, with some careful reflection and planning, any impact upon current responsibilities can be minimised so that you can really feel the benefits of doing what you love. Here are some key factors to bear in mind when considering a career change.

Planning, planning, planning! 

Before embarking onto a new career path, it is really important to have a clear plan in place regarding what you want to do and how you will go about it. When you realise you have a passion for a particular career, it can be tempting to just quit your current role and dive straight in however this approach will have ramifications on your other responsibilities you may have, whether these are financial, family, or others, as you do not have the next stage in place ready to pick up the slack. 

Working out a budget is really useful when considering your new career path. Some career changes may not require any changes to your budgeting if it just a natural progression of your current role, however, if you are choosing a completely different path which could involve a step down or you’re keen to start your own business then you’ll need to revise your budget to cater for less money coming in initially, or for additional expenses. Once you have planned what you think you’re going to need to make the transition or build your business, you can then focus on what you may need to earn to make the move, or what you still need to earn whilst setting up the venture. 


After a prolonged negative period at work or disillusionment with your career, it is easy to just want to quit straight away and move on to something else as quickly as possible without really considering whether this new path will be more beneficial for you and your happiness in the long run. Before jumping straight in, give yourself time to reflect and truly figure out what you want from your career. It is when you take this time that your best ideas will come to the surface. 

Family and friends will often provide guidance from their own personal experiences and because they love and care about your happiness. However, despite good intentions, this can cloud the advice they give you as it is often guided by emotion rather than rational thinking. A coach, mentor or mastermind may be really beneficial here as they can provide you with objective guidance and help you to set mini goals along the way to add to your overall vision. The coach is equipped with tools and techniques to help you make the most reasoned decisions. Ultimately, only you know what is best for you so it is important to thoroughly think this change through and seek trusted advice along the way.

Do your research

If your career change involves moving into a completely new area it is important to ensure you have done your research into the area. It may require certain skills which you’ll need to acquire prior to making the move. This could involve completing training and courses to boost your expertise, partaking in volunteering to expand your skillset or even shadowing someone in your desired field. Linkedin is a great resource for seeking out relevant connections and opportunities, so it is worth seeing how you can virtually expand your network whilst finalising your transition plans. 


In summary, a career change can bring with it a wealth of happiness, fulfilment and success but this change needs to be backed up with some careful planning, reflection and research to ensure this is as painless as possible and is the right move for you. Making the leap is undoubtedly a bold move, but it shouldn’t be taken too hastily, so give yourself the time and preparation you need to ensure it is a firm success and not a spectacular flop! 

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