Living the company vision as a leader

A company vision very often forms the building blocks of an organisation on which everything else is built upon. However, it is also very common for this vision to become lost in favour of overcoming the daily challenges or becomes just a piece of rhetoric rather than the bedrock for actions. As a leader, it is important that your vision is not neglected and you truly embody what it is you want your company to stand for. When you live the company vision, your employees will also be motivated to pursue these goals. 

Defining the vision 

In order to truly live the company vision, you need to be certain of what the vision is. Without a simple, overarching vision and a clear path to get there you are much more likely to struggle to stick to it. This vision should be targeted so that you can achieve exactly what you set out to. If you are not clear yourself about your company vision, how can you expect your employees to work to this and prospective customers to know? Once you are clear on what it is you want to achieve, you can then filter this down to other members of the team. This is not to say that your vision cannot change as time goes on, but make sure you are clear on why it is evolving and how this benefits your organisation. 

Align this with values and behaviours 

Once you have distilled your company vision into a simple and targeted goal, ensure that the values and behaviours of yourself and your team and in line with this. For example, if your company vision is to raise workplace diversity and inclusivity, you need to ensure your values and behaviours feed into this – such as calling out discriminative behaviours and giving everyone the opportunity to share their experiences. Without these actionable behaviours, you will not be able to work toward your ultimate vision. As a leader, you need to role model these behaviours to ensure they are fully integrated – employees will do as you act, not as you say. Any signs of you slipping from these behaviours gives others members of the team a reason to not act within them. As the figurehead you are the pioneer for these behaviours, so make sure everyone is working within them.

Communicate it through all channels 

Without clear communication of the vision between leaders and members of the team, it will just become a piece of lost information. It is important that you introduce the company vision to all new employees during the onboarding process so that they know exactly what framework they are working within; it could even be introduced to prospective employees as part of the interview process so they are never in doubt about what it is you stand for. Make sure you are continually referring to the vision when delegating tasks so that your team know exactly how their contributions are feeding into overall goals. If your vision naturally evolves and changes, you should involve employees in the creation of new smaller goals and objectives that feed into this overarching vision, especially as they will be working towards these and if there is an agreement from all parties, everyone will be more motivated to work. Being open and honest with all employees really is the key!

Outside of the organisation, embodying a strong company vision is also beneficial for creating a strong, recognisable brand. Your vision should be something you are very proud of so it is important to shout about it both internally and externally! If you are seen to truly represent the values and vision through your actions that you claim to have, prospective customers, are more likely to purchase from you if their personal values align. Similarly, other organisations may also want to work with you if they can see your vision fits with theirs. 


A company vision is really important to ensure your business remains focused, your team remains united and your customers are engaged. As a leader, make sure that you live this vision and clearly demonstrate it through your actions and behaviours so it is clear to employees and customers alike exactly what you stand for. 

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