Side Hustle Your Way to a New Career

Taking the step to reinvent your career or begin a new business venture can be a daunting prospect which can come with its fair share of risks, especially if you have been successful throughout your working life. 

However, the great opportunities that are now present in the working world, such as freelance, part-time and work from home, means that making life-altering career changes is now within easy grasp for everyone. What’s more, it is no longer a requirement to pack up and leave your job in search of the unknown, as the gig economy allows people to gradually make the transition over a number of months. Nothing in life that is worth it comes easy, which is why making changes in planned stages will give you time to become more financially stable, whilst you work on your skills and build your new business organically. 

So, what are the pros of making your passion into a side hustle?

Firstly, the extra money is clearly a bonus. Making money doing something you love is a luxury not all people have, so it is important to acknowledge this as a huge plus point too. It can create exciting new opportunities that you never thought possible and if you invest the money you make back into your passion, you can quickly save up enough to turn it into a thriving business!

Another fantastic reason to make your passion a side hustle is that it can build your portfolio and resume. Take the leap and take on professional projects, as these will show potential customers that you’re able to stick to a brief and create great work for larger gigs. Building a portfolio that reflects your best work is also a good marketing pitch for a new business!

Finally, a side hustle is fantastic at is helping you improve and build your skills. If you’re aiming to turn your side hustle into a business venture, building your skills and experience is an investment and will result in exciting opportunities in the future. Time and patience are essential, take time to put practice into your chosen side hustle, it will be worth it when results begin to show!

What’s next for the side hustle? 

You’ve put in a lot of time working on your side hustle, refining your skills, networking, saving money and building your portfolio, but what’s next? Staying at a side hustle forever is tiring so moving forward is the natural next step. It is scary but will be worth it and there are many routes you can take to move things forward. 

        1.Freelance to build a business:

For many, the end goal is to turn your side hustle into a successful business. This could mean leaving your current day job and working remotely or it may mean broadening your client books and hiring employees to work with you. As a business owner, you can decide for yourself what you believe the best direction is.

         2.Side hustle to retirement fund:

If you’re happy with your current career, you may be a side-hustler because you want a lovely retirement fund for when the time comes. Focussing on the end goal is essential for this choice; doing a side-hustle can be hard and become tiring, but remembering why you’re doing it is always a great motivator.

         3.Freelance to full-time employment: 

Another route people take is to transition their side-hustle to full time employment, either with a company or a singular client. Perhaps your current job isn’t quite what you want to continue doing, so taking your passion to a company similar to your side-hustle may be a dream come true!


If you’re looking to take a different path career-wise but are worried about the risks associated with leaving your job, following the above steps and becoming a side-hustler is a great way to build yourself up gradually, so that the leap isn’t quite as scary or uncertain. After a while, the transition from side-hustler to business owner, retirement-maker or career-switcher will feel like a breeze. 

Are you ready to take on your side hustle? Get in touch today for a complimentary consultation and start to make a change for the better!