How do I lead during Turbulent Times?

Leadership can be challenging at the best of times, for example:


  • Managing conflicting demands
  • Being a new leader, or a leader new to a team
  • Managing difficult people
  • Unprecedented reactions to change
  • Increased communication demands due to change

And as the saying says, it can be ‘lonely at the top’ In fact a recent study by Harvard Business Review from over 60,000 organisations half of CEOs express feelings of loneliness, 61% of which believe loneliness hinders their job performance. I’ve been there myself, and it can be very isolating when there is no rulebook or guidance for you.

And this is especially true after a change in the business which may include one of the following:

  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • New company direction
  • Restructuring

But any change to a team can cause some degree of turbulence, and very often this is when communications breakdown and conflict arises.

Here are some quick tips to help you remain effective and confident during these times:

  • Ensure there is a plan for the change and delegate accordingly
  • Break down the plan into steps
  • Accept you may have to spend more time actively communicating and steering your teams through the change
  • Spend extra time building trust- reflect back what you have observed and make the offer of extra support
  • Aim to demonstrate stability – even if you do not know the outcome of change – ensure your words and actions align and you are demonstrating confident leadership. Google did a survey of 180 of their teams and found that ‘psychological safety’ was the top factor for team success.
  • Demonstrate empathy and compassion – really listen to what is on your colleague’s or team’s mind – reflect back accurately what they have said to ensure you have understood
  • Remember to celebrate any successes and appreciate good work.


If you are already a great boss – this doesn’t change just because you are going through company changes – it’s an opportunity to still be a good boss, if not better, but you may have to adapt where your time and energy is spent

This is something I have experienced myself, and been ‘at the sharp end’ and I bring that experience, plus my coaching expertise to help companies through these challenges. I am also running a lunchtime workshop on 2 August, at Marco Pierre White where you can learn to:

  • Lead during turbulent times & times of change
  • Learn how to deal with team conflicts & ensure performance during change
  • Learn to maintain a strong leadership style during change
  • Network with key leaders in the region

Whether you are an experienced leader or a new leader – this event will help you with these critical areas.

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