Exorcise Energy Vampires

We all know them – those people that just suck the life out of us – the dreaded energy vampires, people that are just negative and not fun to be around. You can tell whether you’ve been bitten by an energy vampire by whether you feel better or worse after being with them.

Don’t get me wrong – we all have our moments – and the odd moan here and there is normal and part of human nature, but if it’s your way of showing up in the world, it can be draining to others.

Energy vampires can be described as emotionally immature people who tend to think that the world revolves around them. They will constantly talk about their own problems and challenges are often incapable of seeing things from anyone else’s perspective. They also tend to ignore much of the advice and help given, meaning that all of your generously devoted time and energy spent trying to help them fix their problems is likely to have fallen on deaf ears. Even worse, they are almost never reciprocal in their behaviour, so no matter how many times you have been there to help them when they needed it, they’re unlikely to be there for you when you need a friendly shoulder to cry on, or a trusting ear to listen.

Us humans are all just bundles of energy and the reality is that we only have a finite amount to utilise on a daily basis. Your precious energy needs to cover your basic human needs, family, work, socialising and ideally a bit of time for exercise and relaxation in the mix too. If you have a particularly hectic lifestyle, getting this energy balance right is often a daily challenge, which can be thrown completely off by the unexpected arrival of an energy vampire.

As a ‘take, take and take some more’ species, energy vampires are unlikely to provide you with much of a bolster after they’ve swooped in, leaving you feeling exhausted, drained, distracted and perhaps even a little depressed; they’re often unable to see the positive aspects of pretty much any situation.

The only solution to tackling the effects of energy vampires is to minimise your access to these people and take a deep breath. I know it’s difficult, especially if it’s a work colleague or a family member, but you can set limits and boundaries for how much time you spend with them! When you do spend time with them, try sticking to lighter topics, or find ways to quickly turn the conversation away. Try meeting in public places where there are opportunities for distraction and consider meeting them with others so that you avoid the dreaded one-on-one scenario!


Energy vampires can hide in all sorts of people, including your closest friends, family and colleagues. They will take advantage of your good nature and if you spend too much time with them, they could start to drain you of your much needed energy. Limiting your time with them is the only way to protect yourself from their effects, but if you still find yourself drained after spending time with them, it may be time to cut them out of your life completely! Sometimes, this is necessary for preserving your own health and wellbeing. I promise that your future self will thank you for it!

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