We hear a lot about “trends” in the workplace. Whether it be popular buzzwords of the day, or subtle changes that have taken place over a long period of time. I’ve found that when I look through news articles or social media feeds, there’s a disproportionate amount of ink devoted to negative trends. I wanted to share a few of the more positive changes we’re beginning to see in the workplace.

Positive Workplace Trends

The three trends listed below all relate to how employees and employers are interacting. Millennials are no longer the upstart disrupters of the traditional workplace—they’re now increasingly entering management positions, running their own companies, and transforming the workplace from all angles. Here are some of the most significant changes we’re starting to see.

Prioritising Employee Happiness

Employers are increasingly realising the high cost, and increasing normalcy, of employee turnover. Losing a valuable employee, and the process of finding, hiring, and training a replacement, is a costly event for a business. In many cases, it’s much more effective to invest in employee happiness, to keep your talented workers with you. Maintaining a positive workplace also increases the productivity of your employees.

Scott Crabtree, chief happiness officer at Happy Brain Science, believes that “businesses [will be] focusing on employee engagement and happiness. Because unemployment is at historic lows, keeping employees engaged and happy is critical to retaining good people.” More often than ever before, people are changing jobs and career paths. The idea of staying at a job just out of loyalty to the organisation is falling to the wayside. Employees are, rightfully so, realising their worth, and demanding to be compensated in accordance.

Crabtree went on to mention that, “many people are unhappy with the state of our country and the world right now. Keeping them happier at work … boosts productivity 10 to 25 percent.” When employees truly enjoy coming to work, they are far more effective. Employers are starting to invest in this trend heavily.

Growing Shift toward Remote Work

With the rise of hyper speed internet connections, smaller and more functional portable devices, and the ever-increasing competition for talented employees, the shift toward working remotely will definitely continue.

Jen Grogono, CEO of uStudio, agrees. But she also notes the challenges it can pose.

“People will be spending less time commuting and traveling but more time working remotely, causing business leaders to find other ways to share corporate info and increase workplace collaboration. With the rise of telecommunications (video, chats, etc.), the need for employees to hit the road has subsided, meaning that business leaders will need to rethink their communications strategies. They’ll also need to consider how to encourage workplace collaboration when everyone is in a different place.”

Every change takes adjustments to make work. The ability to provide employees with more freedom and more time to spend with their families is definitely worth the effort!

It’s okay to take a stand on something

As employees, employers, and consumers, it’s becoming increasingly prevalent for people to let their beliefs guide their economic behavior. Whether that means selecting brands that align with your personal values, only working for organisations whose values you are passionate about, or aligning the strategy and culture of your business with a mission beyond profit—letting your values show is commendable.

Millennials often look for brands that reflect their own personal values, but they’re not alone in this regard. According to a recent report, two thirds of consumers want the businesses they buy from to take a stand on social issues.

That might sound potentially polarising at any time, if not downright dangerous during this deeply divisive period in global politics. The truth, however, is that it’s becoming increasingly acceptable, if not expected, for leading brands and businesses to tell the world what they feel about issues with real societal weight, and stand for something important.

This approach isn’t for every business, obviously, and shouldn’t be pursued unless you’re authentic and honest in your advocacy on any front. If you can find a way to align with issues that matter to your customers by taking a meaningful stand on a relevant issue, your efforts could produce invaluable loyalty and publicity.


The workplace is in constant flux. Some changes come and go before they have much of an impact. Other trends have the ability to change the working world forever.

The rise of employers competing for great employees by investing in morale and employee happiness has completely transformed the face of the tech industry, and others. The rise of remote work has spawned an entire industry dedicated to telecommunications and collaboration. And finally, the determination of the consumer to take a stand for their values, and “vote with their dollar” has completely revolutionised how companies engage with their customers and the world.

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