At this point, many of us have heard of the fixed versus growth mindset dichotomy. If you haven’t considered it before now, you should know, the implications of your mindset on your career are very real, and impactful. A growth mindset will not only help you work through setbacks, build skills and broaden your career prospects, it will motivate your team and show them that you deserve to be respected. So what is a growth mindset?

Growth Mindset Defined

Growth mindset, as opposed to a fixed mindset, is defined as the ability to regard your own traits as capable of change. In a fixed mindset, you believe that the basic parts of you are fixed, and cannot be changed. In growth mindset, you understand that you can learn, grow, and develop beyond those things of which you have always been capable. Someone with a growth mindset sees opportunities, where someone with a fixed mindset sees setbacks.

When working with coaching clients, the concept of mindset often comes into play. Developing, and persisting with, a growth mindset takes practice and will-power. Even for clients who understand the concept, and make an effort towards growth on a regular basis, it can be easy to slip into a fixed mindset with regards to certain things.

Maybe it’s a subject you’ve struggled with since grade school, and just can’t shake the idea that, “I’m just not good at…” math, or public speaking, or writing, or whatever it may be. Or maybe you’ve just faced one too many obstacles and you feel like you can’t go on. It’s during these times that you need to dig deep, and remember that you can always grow and get better.

Growth Mindset in Practice

Maintaining a growth mindset goes a long way towards making the changes you want to see in your business and your career. Once we get past the nagging doubts that can hold each of us back, there is no stopping you from building and growing. Practicing a growth mindset will show you that obstacles and stumbling blocks are actually opportunities to grow and become a more effective leader.

What does Growth Mindset look like?

  • Understanding that setbacks and even failures are opportunities to grow.
  • Understanding that humans are made to learn and adapt.
  • Learning to face challenges head on.
  • Overcoming your challenges with varied approaches.
  • Seeking out and responding to feedback—positive and negative.
  • Understanding that our habits and our attitudes have a major impact on our success.

A growth mindset is all about embracing the changes in our lives; seeking out the positive aspects of these changes and accentuating them. Rather than brand yourself as someone who has made huge mistakes and has failed over and over, think of yourself as someone who has learned from each of those mistakes, and used each of those failures to become an expert in another niche. So what if you think you’ve failed more times than anyone else you know? That just means that you have more experience than anyone else you know!


Even for those of us who consciously consider our mindset each day, it can be difficult to maintain a growth mindset. At those moments when you feel like you are unable to make any progress in the face of challenges, you have to dig deep and look at your mindset.

Maintaining a positive, growth-oriented mindset takes consistent effort. We’ve all had negative moments where we feel like giving up. These are the true tests to our mindset. When faced with disadvantage and disappointment, you can either grow or give in. Choose to grow!

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