How real are you at work? Authenticity continued.

Authentic leadership is a powerful approach to guiding your team. Amongst the pressures of the 21st century, many of the fundamentals of true, compassionate leadership can feel swept under the carpet.

But to build legitimacy with ethical foundations, through honest relationships – where do you you start? Profits are important but not at any cost.

  • Many a leader focuses on themselves – which can be detrimental to the team as a whole. When you find yourself in charge it is often easy to forget about the goals of the team in favour of your own power, salary and career trajectory. Authentic leaders stand out because – in a nutshell – they think about others first.
  • Being an authentic leader means knowing your team, but also yourself. Once you have identified your own flaws and know what makes you tick you can ensure that your weaknesses don’t affect those around you.
  • Accepting others and creating an atmosphere in which team members can flourish starts with loving and accepting yourself. The concept of authenticity rests on ‘knowing oneself’ – by owning your story, you will find that you can relate to people on a personal level. Showing that you are a human as well as a leader instils trust and value in those around you, allowing them to thrive.

Ultimately, it is important to step back and understand the impact that you want to have and the mark you want to make as a leader. In a position of responsibility, it is up to you to set a vision of how your team, business or group can move forward – you are the guiding force.

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