Halloween horror stories

Embarrassing situations are everywhere – an unavoidable part of life’s rich tapestry. At some time or another pretty much anyone you ask has had ‘one of those days.’ Usually, after an initial period of feeling absolutely mortified, we learn to see the funny side. Here’s a handful I’ve come across – what are your Halloween Horror Stories?

  • I read somewhere that as a Halloween prank, someone had dressed as Darth Vader and planned ahead so that the corresponding Star Wars music would be playing when they walked into the office. Joke was on them, as it was only after they threw open the meeting room door and marched in with the dramatic music that they realised the meeting had been moved to another room. Whoops!
  • There was a guy who once worked in a Fish and Chip shop for some cash on the side as a student. On his second shift, he was told that they were introducing a mascot – a giant fish – and that he was the perfect height to stroll up and down the beach in the costume. He almost got out of it, but they managed to get a photo of him in the fish outfit all over their Facebook page… He quit straight afterwards!
  • Let’s round off with a personal one. I was once on a date, and at one point we decided to stop off and get a snack. I had been too vain to wear my glasses, which hadn’t been a problem up until the point I jumped back in the car and said: “Right, let’s go!” The guy next to me said, “Well I had better check with my wife first” – turns out I had jumped into the wrong car! Pride comes before a fall!

Whilst we usually forget about cringe-worthy moments like these, occasionally the embarrassment can lead to anxiety or worse. If the horror stories in your personal or work life are becoming harder to deal with, you can get in touch at sarah@sarah-j.com for advice on tackling them.