What do you mean – rejection is good?

Rejection is a classic wolf in sheep’s clothing – an opportunity dressed as a failure. I see it as a chance to pause and reflect, which can give amazing insights when approached with the right state of mind. It allows you to free up time to be with someone, or do something more meaningful and better suited to where you are right now.

  • Although it often feels like it, getting rejected is rarely a personal affair unless you deeply personalise it rather than review the situation objectively. From what I’ve found, rejection usually has nothing to do with who we are. Instead, it is a case of being in either the wrong place or being there at the wrong time, and realising this is an essential step to moving on.
  • As cliché as it sounds, often our failures teach us at least as much as our successes. It is natural to reflect more upon the times when we haven’t succeeded – dealing with rejection healthily allows us to identify and improve upon our weaknesses, which is incredibly valuable and constructive.
  • Rejection often leads to something better. I can remember being rejected for jobs and thinking about how perfect I was for the role – in the grand scheme of things though, I have always found that there was a better or different opportunity on the horizon.
  • Even when finding the positives seems like a needle in the haystack situation (which it often does!) being rejected is good for your character. The most successful among us are rejection experts because they have dealt with it again, and again, and again. Learning to bounce back is impossible if you’ve never been rejected.

Dealing with rejection healthily is a balancing act – neither taking it personally nor pretending it didn’t happen will be beneficial. It is so important to let go and have faith, which is when building core confidence comes in. For more advice on handling setbacks or rejection, why not contact me on sarah@sarah-j.com? I’d be happy to help!