What is coaching?

In this video, I cover what coaching is and what coaching isn’t. There are many so-called coaches today but in fact, many of these coaches are what we call ‘mentors’ or ‘consultants’. A mentor will give you advice and the benefit of his/her experience. A consultant will be offering you a tangible output for example – a fitness plan or web site.

It’s really important that you know what you are signing up for. Are you looking for someone to deliver a tangible product/service – then that’s a consultant. Are you looking for someone to share the benefit of their experience in a particular area – that’s a mentor?

Coaching is a set of processes and tools that can be applied to most situations in life. It’s designed to look more forward than back. A coach will respect your view of the world and not simply influence you with their view of the world, or unfounded advice. We are all unique and have a different way of viewing the world, and showing up – and a good coach will respect that and draw out from you where you may be getting in the way of your own success, and set you on the path forward towards the goals you wish to achieve.

I’ve also written a blog post on this subject here: Coaching – what is it really all about?

Check out this post to find out a bit more about what coaching is, and is not, and if you have any further questions on this topic contact me at sarah@sarah-j.com and I will happily talk through your current situation.