When people let you down

It’s a fact of life that sometimes people will let us down in our eyes. Sometimes on purpose sometimes not. Everyone is unique with their own view of the world, their own experiences, values and perceptions. We must learn to accept the view of others if we can, and wish to accept them in our life. If we cannot accept them as they are, then with care we may wish to bid them ‘safe travels’.

However, there are always key learnings and lessons to be derived from any setback. There are a number of questions we can ask ourselves keep balanced and keep things in perspective, including our own role in this particular situation.

It’s not about assigning blame but honestly reviewing a situation from different angles. And ultimately being able to forgive – ourselves and the other person. This does not mean condoning poor behaviour but it avoids us self-lacerating or lacerating others so that we may learn and move forward in our lives with peace, and rid ourselves of any negative energy.

Sometimes all we need is for someone to listen, not judge and just help us move one step forwards to feeling a little better about ourselves and life.

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