Client Testimonials

This short video outlines some of my client success stories and some of the people I have been privileged enough to help.

Coaching covers any life area that is of importance to the client. I have coached people who have achieved the following:

  • Set up a new business
  • Gone self-employed
  • Resolved team conflicts
  • Improved relationships
  • Got a new role at work
  • Got a promotion and new responsibilities at work
  • Increased career satisfaction and purpose

Very often our personal life and business/working life cross over so if we are not happy in one area that affects other areas of our life. Sometimes we just feel down, lost, demotivate but we cannot figure out why.

When coaching my clients I am able to get to the nub of what the issue is – because sometimes when we are in the middle of something we cannot see the wood for the trees.

Sometimes we all need external help to figure out what is holding us back, what is keeping us from the success in business or life that we want. Why we are experiencing conflict in our lives. Why things are not going our way. Very often we can be running negative patterns and behaviours that we are not aware of, and those patterns, even down to the words we use, or our body language, can hold us back.

I know that coaching has certainly helped me in the past to redefine my career, my passions, improve relationships to name but a few. I was so impressed with some of the coaches that I worked with; I decided to become one myself.

If you have something in your life that is not going the way you would like it to, contact me today to book a complimentary consultation.