Keeping a spring in your step

For many of us, the public holidays are approaching for Easter Break and thank goodness I hear some of you cry! Whilst for many of us, it may be a reason to over-indulge on the chocolate front, for many of us it’s a few days to relax and unwind, spend time with our families and friends, and/or go away for a few days.

This year is flying by – or is it just me? Time for a break.

No matter how driven and ambitious you may be, we all have times where we want to take a break and take our foot off the gas and there is nothing wrong with that at all. So here’s a few tips about how to keep motivated and a spring in your step:

Catch your thoughts 

In fact if you are feeling overwhelmed, just catch your thoughts and change them – it’s just another decision and we make lots of those every day without realising it so just be prepared to adapt, release your thinking (which will release pent up energy and stress and ironically create space for the very things you want in life I have often found…) Make a decision to be happy – think big picture…

Have you set goals?

Have you got goals for those key areas of life? Career? Personal relationships? Business? If you don’t have your goals to hand or written down – they are effectively pipe dreams that may never achieve as they are not in front of you, part of what you are working towards, with a specific timeline. Remember – you can break goals down into manageable chunks to avoid overwhelm and goals should be enjoyable. Get them down on a list if nothing else…. instead of flying around your mind.

After life isn’t a project plan right? Isn’t it supposed to be fun and enjoyable, otherwise, what’s the point?

Are your goals and dreams still relevant? If so, remind yourself why.

By the same token, life changes so it’s healthy to review everything now and again to check you still want what you think you want. Priorities change all the time. For example, perhaps you have a new job and that requires some goal-setting and focus for a while which means shuffling the cards a little bit to accommodate for that change.  Whilst our values and who we are at our core tend to stay the same, we do modify according to circumstances, our age and other factors and that can have an impact on what is most important to us in life. Just remind yourself of your reason for wanting something – what’s the big picture here – and that will help you keep keeping on! Ask yourself why is this important and what you miss if you don’t achieve it.

Give yourself a pat on the back

We can be our own worst best friend if that makes sense. Look back and see what you have achieved so far and congratulate and reward yourself in a way that you really enjoy. No point pushing for the next step if we can’t enjoy this one, right?

I’m a big advocate of enjoying the present moment as much as possible, because really that’s all that exists – the present.

Get creative

Find tools and exercises to try new ways of approaching different areas of life. There are some great books around on this ‘Think Like an Artist and Lead A More Creative, Productive Life’ by Will Gompertz, and ‘Steal Like an Artist’ by Austin Kleon. Or just try a mind map or doodling! Work from a different location or outside your home office. A new environment creates new ideas.

What I find motivates me is the last point but doing something really different, out of my usual comfort zone, and with that in mind I’m off to drive a Mustang at breakneck speed around a race track!

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