How to deal with setbacks at work

1970 Steve Wozniak was working for Hewlett-Packard. Steve Wozniak initially designed the Apple 1 PC while working at Hewlett-Packard and he offered it to them, on first refusal to his work. They declined to take up the offer!

Hewlett-Packard, who initially began as a hardware firm, at that stage did not see the future in PCs and needed to remain in the scientific market. He and his companion, Steve Jobs, went on and create Apple Computers.

You have presumably experienced something similar on your approach to end up distinctly effective and transform your fantasies into reality – projects failed and plans went haywire and it looked as though everything you could ever want has gone up in smoke. What’s more, now you feel demoralised, notwithstanding unwilling to attempt once more. More regrettable, you may even think your life is over and your prosperity lost until the end of time. Give me a chance to impart to you the reality about mishaps and missteps that will free you from the devastating trepidation of disappointment until the end of time.

In all actuality: everybody makes mistakes…everyone comes up short at something, sometime…and there is no disgrace in coming up short since…it’s called learning. You should commit errors and gain from your mistakes since it is part of your learning experience.

Individuals commit three typical errors when they have failed: they point fingers at themselves; they accuse another person; or accuse their conditions. Blaming is wasted energy and it won’t help you one piece. It is important to maintain the correct point of view on your missteps, deficiencies, and disappointments of the past. You only failed in the event that you believe you have failed. What others consider a disappointment can be the start or your greatest chance. It’s about your outlook/mindset:  On the off-chance that you think you failed, you are defeated…

On the off-chance that you are defeated, you will feel like a disappointment…

On the off-chance that you feel like a disappointment, you will act like one!

On the off-chance that you hooked on a disappointment mentality, you are in an endless cycle of hopelessness. You will keep failing to meet expectations and failing, in this manner affirming your conviction that you are bound to be inferior, to be unremarkable, and to be a disappointment. You can never concentrate on achievement since you are continually considering a disappointment. Since you are working in dread, you are inclined to commit more errors. Generally: you are not expecting achievement; you are setting yourself up for more disappointment!

This cycle drains you of vital creative energy, leaving you with no creative spark. Thus the cycle continues until you have built up a consistent and enduring mentality, outlook, or life script of disappointment that will: divert you, empty you, and even wreck you (as you eventually show what you accept about yourself).

Things being what they are, what do you do if something in your life didn’t work out before? In the event that business ventures failed, ideas failed and didn’t work out? It’s learning and experience – what life is about – and it’s okay. Just learn the lesson.  You may not get it first time round but you will! (If you are smart that is)

Refocus, regroup, change your plan and push ahead! Your identity today is resolved fundamentally by who you believe you are. Get input from colleagues!

Shouldn’t something be said about Hewlett-Packard who missed the opportunity that later got to be Apple Computers? Did they later understand their pivotal error? Completely! What did they do? Rectified it, expand on the expectation to absorb information of their mistake, and turned into the biggest provider of PCs on the planet. Their slip-up turned into the force that propelled them to end up distinctly super-successful in the field of PCs!

Somebody once said there are a few people who live in a fantasy world; there are some who confront reality; then there are the individuals who transform one into the other.

Learn from past failures, use them as a badge of honour to set your dreams into tangible goals at work.

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