What motivates you at work?

All of have an internal ‘sat nav’ – that is core principles that guide us. We have them in our personal lives, so for example someone that is motivated by adventure may find that they spend time and money on trips and travel. Someone who likes routine may find that they are happiest working to – guess what – a routine!

The same is true at work. We have core ‘values’ or guiding principles that are important to us. Now values are not meant in a judgmental sense – it’s just the phrase for those principles that are important to us. Have you ever found yourself upset at a situation at work – chances are that it’s ‘pushed your button’ and someone or something has ‘bumped up’ against something important to you. We are all individuals and will have different values. Some values are more important than others and are a ‘must have’ whereas some may be more fluid.

Values can be buried deep within us but knowledge of them helps us to understand how we operate at work, what motivates us, the environment or industry where we will thrive, and how to recognise when we are being ‘triggered’.  Remember  – we are all unique and our values and what that specifically means to each of us, will be very different.

Basically – values are what makes you ‘tick’

Why Pull Out Work Values?

In addition to the reasons outlined above, we will find ourselves working with people who have a completely different style and outlook on the world and we have to find a level of stability and co-operation to get along with colleagues – this could be your teams, your manager and peers. So sometimes there is less choice in the workplace about who we may be spending a lot of time with. (Unless it becomes so unbearable you quit).

How I get to My Career Values?

This is just a little taster of my BizNav™ coaching programme, and the career coaching I provide people that has helped them to find the ideal role, or get promoted. Finding your values can take a little time. As a starter for 10 – where were you happiest at work? What was the environment? How were you treated there? Were you working alone or with others? What do you like about your current role? What motivates you to go the extra mile? What was missing from that role? Take a look back at your career history- see what comes to mind and write them down.

You should end up with a list of words that resonate with you. For example: praise, high pay, working alone, working with others, freedom, creativity, processes, routine, fun, change, participation, loyalty – your values are single words. See if you can get to 10.

Your values can change over time, but there tend to be core values that stick with you – for example my values both in my personal and business life is freedom and fun. That hasn’t changed for many years and it’s important for me to have those aspects at work.

I hope this blog on values has got you thinking purposefully about what makes you ‘tick’ at work and has started to shed some insights that can help you plan for your next role, career move or promotion.