Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate - yourself

Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate – yourself!

So the festive season is nearly upon us and I wanted to remind you of something that’s important but we do not often take the time to do it.


But not in the traditional way with partying, overeating and doing the last minute shopping! (Well let’s face it many of us will be!)

Celebrate yourself

Take time to reflect back on what you have achieved this year. Not on what you did not get done – hey life has a habit of chucking curved balls and life is never a straight line from A to B – t dips and twists.

Take time to reflect on the following, make some notes if you wish in your journal:

  • What am I proud of?
  • What are my notable successes?
  • What do these successes indicate to me about my passions, and me as a person?
  • Who helped me along the way?
  • What could I have done differently?
  • What lessons have I learnt this year?

And please remember that anything that has not gone so well, is only here to teach us a lesson, something we need to know, or a skill we need to develop. Failure is not always a failure – okay!

Celebrate others

Think about who else has been in your life, at work, or at business who has just made your life easier for you and been there when it mattered. Find a way to acknowledge that support if you wish – in a way that means the most to them not to you.

Treat yourself

Whilst you may be running around finding gifts for others, allow yourself to do something for you too to recognise what you have to celebrate.  This is so individual to you – but something that means a lot to you and is a ‘treat’.  What would really get you into the vibe of recognising how much you have achieved, accomplished, for yourself and others this year.

Anything unwanted is often a blessing in disguise, so celebrate those moments too and believe that there is unlimited good you can achieve and is out there for you.

Enjoy the celebrations ☺

Sarah x