How to survive the Christmas office party

How to Survive the Christmas Office Party

Many of us will be gearing up for office parties this week and here are some tips to get you through the festivities with minimal damage and embarrassment!

Unless you are lucky enough to work for a company where almost anything goes, and letting your hair down is encouraged!

Muster your confidence

You may feel a little nervous, especially if you are new to a company, so close your eyes and visualise yourself as a confident person, have a script running through your mind, ‘I am a confident person and people like to be around me’.  Keep saying it, or writing it, before the event – if you are nervous.

Actively listen

You may encounter colleagues where you do not feel you have much in common, but try to imagine and believe yourself to be a good conversationalist  and listener. Find ways to remember people’s names so that you can be the ‘introducer’ of one person to another. Not just names but perhaps a small fact about that person. The key here is to practise the art of listening to people, rather than waiting for your turn to say what you want to say. For example, ‘Jane this is Rebecca, Jane works in accounts and lives in …”

Like any skill, this gets easier the more that you practise until it becomes second nature.  You cannot underestimate how much people really enjoy being listened to – it doesn’t always happen!

Know your limits

I’m not just talking about the vino, or the drinks – well yes maybe a bit – drink water in between alcoholic drinks and pace yourself…in fact this is an important point just bear in mind that you work with everyone else at the party and they may be screening you for a new role, or writing a reference one day. Make a good impression.

…..but decide how long you are going to stay at the function. If you find social events draining, which many people do, then just settle with yourself on a time that feels right for you.  Far better to be fully engaged for a segment of the evening, rather than feeling and looking utterly drained by forcing yourself to stay all night.

Look smart and appropriately dressed

You will probably have a good idea of your company’s dress code, or the dress code for the event, so follow it, glow and look smart. Make sure what you are wearing is in keeping with the company. Some companies are extremely creative and dramatic, others more conservative. So hit the right note there but whatever you wear look smart!

I hope you find these tips on surviving the office party will help you to enjoy your festivities, and if you want further guidance contact me for a free consultation via using the contact me button!

Oh yes – and enjoy yourself!