[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As a coach, I help people set and achieve their life, business or career goals which allows my clients to focus their time and effort on the areas in life that are important to them. This may help them in a variety of areas of their life- career planning, business development, work life balance to name but a few.

Balancing goals versus enjoyment

Goals provide focus and direction but if you are approaching them with a vibe of ‘I must do this now, I should do this’ it is likely you are putting too much pressure on yourself.   To be frank: What is the point of having goals and attaining them if you are unable to celebrate you achievements and miss out on those small moments in life which can in fact bring the greatest joy?

As a fairly red/driver type myself I speak from experience. I had lists, grids – you name it, and treated life as Iist to get through. I have since given myself permission to do nothing. To sometimes just stop and chill out a bit.  And by doing that I have created space for new experiences such as friendship and relationships to flourish. I still have my lists and plans but I also realise that the list will probably never end!

There is always more stuff to do – you can never get ‘it’ done – there is always more ‘it’ to do.

Balancing tips 

1. Cut down your to-do  list by 50% to allow room for other interactions, distractions, events. Be realistic.

2. Take time when you have done something – no matter big or small – to celebrate successes.

3. Break down big goals into bite sized-chunks – tackle things piece-by-piece.

4. Check in – is achieving goals affecting other areas of your life? If you are working long hours to provide for your loved ones – will those relationships suffer, or still be there if you do not provide time and space for them?

5. Ensure your goals are leading to what you see as the overall picture of your life, and that they are not an excuse to not engage with other people, or avoid other activities.

If you want any help on prioritising your life areas, or balancing your goals – visit my website sarah-j.com for my LifeNav™ self-coaching programme, or book in time to talk with me to start to balance and prioritise what you want to achieve in life![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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