Do you run the day or does the day run you?

Do you run the day or does the day run you?

I had cause this week to bring this phrase to my mind this very week!

Whoaaa!! Sarah!! Stop!!

Either you run the day or the day runs you.

I chose the former! I run the day!

You have a choice

This is a choice believe it or not.

No matter how busy we are. So this week, I was late for a meeting and ended up rushing around trying to find my car keys.  I bet you’ve been there right?

Even if you are running around, there is still a few seconds to stop, take a deep breath and think. Here are some tips I’ve used with my coaching clients.

Tips for running your day

1 Just stop. Whatever it is just stop. Sit down, take some deep breaths. Close your eyes if you will but take that time to simply STOP.

2 Think about how  you want your day to run – picture this in your mind, picture the next ‘segment’ of your day running as you want to see it.  And try and put a smile on your face whilst doing it – life is supposed to be fun right!

3 Have systems and habits to help you. Put the car keys in the same place when you come in of an evening, get your meals ready a few days ahead, do your shopping online – all these little habits can make a huge difference in relieving day-to-day street

4 Try not to cram too much into your day. Be realistic and kind to yourself. There will always be more ‘stuff’ to do – it doesn’t end so go easy on yourself and just tackle what you can

5 Give yourself regular time outs. Daydream, sit, have a hot drink, just take time to chill out

I think this is particularly relevant at this time of year when the pressures of the festive season can start to build. I’ve started to say ‘no’ to certain activities to ensure I give myself the time and space I need and  deserve.

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