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10 Hard Hitting Signs That You Need a Career Change

Need a career change? Well, the signs become blatantly obvious once you know what they are! Here’s what to look for.

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Sometimes it’s obvious you need a career change – you just know you’re unhappy and that it’s time for a change.

But what about when it’s not such a glaringly obvious choice? Sometimes, knowing when to change jobs is a serious weighing of pros and cons and lots of soul-searching.

One thing is for certain though. If you’re reading this article, it’s because you’re already wondering if a change of careers is right for you. Keep reading to learn ten signs that are absolute signs it’s time for a change.

1. You Find Yourself Complaining on Your Time Off

It’s normal to have stressful situations at work that you occasionally bring home with you. Every job has its ups and downs, its pros and cons.

But if you find yourself complaining non-stop about it at the dinner table every night with your family or every weekend out with your friends, it is likely time for a change. Your personal time should be yours to enjoy, not an extension of the stress of your job.

2. You Have Stress Symptoms

Speaking of, stress has symptoms of its own. Frequent headaches and illnesses like colds are physical manifestations of stress. If you’re feeling chronically run down, tired all the time, and have recurring illnesses or infections, your body could be telling you that it’s tired of operating under the stress of your job.

3. Your Job Performance is Suffering

If you’re already mentally checked out of your job, it will be showing in your performance. And this doesn’t mean you’re doing absolute shoddy work either.

If you used to show up to work ready to go, always looking for the next challenge, and now you’re content to simply do the care minimum, that is a decline in performance as well. Look at the work you’ve been doing lately. Are you proud of it? If not, consider why your performance has slipped.

4. You’re Reading This Article

If you’re reading this article, you’re already considering a career change. The very fact that you’ve already entertained the idea should be a glaringly obvious “it’s time!” signal to you.

5. You Are Already Thinking About Retirement

If you’re already looking forward to retirement and are less than a few years away, perhaps you need a new career that can keep you engaged for the remainder of your employed life. It’s normal to look forward to retirement when you’re closing in on it, but spending a decade or more dreaming about retirement is a sad state of affairs. A change of career can help you enjoy your life now, instead of banking on a faraway when you will actually love life again.

6. You Can’t Sleep

Stress doesn’t just cause physical symptoms like headaches and colds. It can interrupt sleep patterns, which causes you to feel even more run down and can mess with your hormonal patterns and mood. If you’re tossing and turning every night, it’s either time for a new mattress or a new job.

7. You’re Relying on Coping Mechanisms

Have you started having more than just one drink after work? Are you burying yourself in escapist hobbies like online games on the weekends?

If you’re turning to coping mechanisms like alcohol or hours spent checking out from the real world, it’s a serious sign that you’re unhappy with life and looking to escape or relax from it. Instead of hitting the bottle to unwind from the stress of your job, you should try to find one you don’t need to escape from.

8. You Have a Serious Case of the Mondays

If you find yourself dreading every single weekend’s end and throwing the alarm across the room on Monday mornings, it’s time for a career change. Everyone loves the weekend, but if it’s what you’re living for every week, it’s time to change your priorities and your job.

Life is too short to simply survive five days of the week so you can enjoy the two at the end of it. While your job may not be one that has you waking up early in excitement to get to it on Monday morning, it should at least be one that doesn’t have you dreading the end of each weekend.

9. You Find Yourself Arguing With Your Boss and/or Co-Workers

Do you suddenly have a lot of contention in your work relationships? If you find yourself arguing a lot at work and no longer enjoying interoffice relationships, it could be a sign the job itself is no longer working for you.

10. You Lack Passion

Your career may or may not hold a passion for you. But if you find your passion in other areas of your life like your hobbies and relationships is waning, it could be related to a career that is dulling your spark. If you’ve found your interest in things that used to excite you dimming, it could be because your job has overwhelmed that creative desire in you.

Need a Career Change? Don’t Wait

The very fact that you’re reading this article means it’s on your mind. You’ve considered it, wondered what else is out there.

And if that’s the case, don’t wait. Life is short, and spending weeks or months or even years going back and forth means you’re wasting valuable time in which you could be happy and learning in a new, fulfilling career continuing on in one that doesn’t inspire you or bring you joy.

Switching Careers, Your Next Steps

If you’ve decided you need a career change, it’s time to make a plan. Just because you know it’s time doesn’t mean you should simply quit your job and fling yourself into the world with no plan.

What it does mean is that it’s time to make a plan and start taking the steps to move on. And that’s where I can help. Contact me today and let’s make a plan to get you into a career (and life!) you love.

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